StageBio Looks to Expand Its Life Sciences Footprint with New Massachusetts Facility

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A new 10,000 square foot facility in Marlborough, MA will allow StageBio to offer their expanded histopathology expertise and grow the company’s reach across the greater Boston region.

StageBio was formed in 2019 through the merger of Histo-Scientific Research Laboratories (HSRL), Vet Path Services, Inc. (VPS), Tox Path Specialists (TPS), and Alizée Pathology. The new entity combined capabilities of some of the most well-respected technicians and pathologists in an effort to expand their footprint in the life sciences industry. As the merged companies have streamlined their operations and are moving forward as one, it became important to establish a presence in the Greater Boston/Cambridge area, one of the most important biopharma hubs in the world.

A grand opening event for the GLP-compliant facility will be held Sept. 9 ( The new space will offer access to the full range of services, including molecular and investigative histopathology, multiplexing IHC, whole slide scanning, and computerized histomorphometry to support academic, pharmaceutical, and medical device development. Additionally, the new site will expand StageBio’s offerings to include a robust menu of special stains, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and in situ hybridization, with the option to deploy assays across a variety of instruments and reagents.

“The Greater Boston region represents the industry's richest wellspring of drug discovery and innovation.  We are excited to expand our services in support of both preclinical and clinical research and development”, StageBio Chief Executive Officer Tom Galati told BioSpace.

StageBio’s integrated offering includes tissue analysis, efficacy determination for new compounds and devices, toxicological evaluation of products subject to regulatory approval, detailed pathology reporting for GLP studies, medical device pathology, rare disease pathology and neuropathology.

Like so many other companies, StageBio is addressing COVID-19, the pandemic that has swept across the globe since the end of 2019 and infected more than 24 million people. The company is working with companies developing vaccines and therapies for the novel coronavirus. Other companies are coming to StageBio seeking expertise in animal models, infectious disease, inhalation studies and more. In fact, StageBio helped one company develop the necessary preclinical data to drive a COVID-19 vaccine into clinical trials this year.

With restrictions on social gatherings due to the novel coronavirus, StageBio will host a virtual ribbon cutting ceremony. Dr. Elizabeth Hutto, StageBio’s Director of Investigative Pathology, Lynn Neff, StageBio’s Chief Operating Officer as well as Tom Galati will conduct a virtual meeting to discuss the facility operations and also answer questions from those in attendance.

“The facility will provide the company the opportunity to “tap into best-in-class talent” and network with a variety of pharmaceutical and biotech partners.  Our intention is to position StageBio as a preferred provider of both specialized and general histopathology services”, said Dr. Hutto.  StageBio currently has 10 employees at the new facility but anticipates growth up to 50.

For those candidates who may look to secure employment with StageBio at the MA facility, or in any other position the company may have open, they will discover several unique benefits. StageBio’s scientists and researchers are leaders in their fields. They work on some of the most cutting-edge programs which help advance life-saving therapies and devices. The work is performed in a relaxed atmosphere, which allows StageBio employees to be comfortable while performing this important work.  For employees, StageBio offers comprehensive employee benefits and career growth opportunities for job mobility, flexible work options and possibilities for advancement across multiple locations within the United States.

StageBio is investing in people and technology to produce data that deepens the qualitative and quantitative analysis of each program with which they work.

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