San Francisco State University, in conjunction with the City of South San Francisco, announces Personalized Medicine 11.0 Conference

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San Francisco State University, in conjunction with the City of South San Francisco, announces Personalized Medicine 11.0 Conference scheduled for May 31, 2018 with theme exploring the future of Precision Healthcare using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence at the South San Francisco Conference Center

San Francisco, CA. With the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), data science technologies are being deployed across business practices of every industry to create new business opportunities, including harnessing the power of Big Data in predicting product performance, consumer behavior and maximizing return on investment. The healthcare industry had been slow to incorporate AI into practice, proceeding with great sensitivity to data protection, ethical conduct and patient information security. As AI technologies evolve out of experimental phases and into well-proven strategies, the future of healthcare will be transformed with the use of Machine Learning, complex data mining, drug discovery, and efficient health management. On May 31, 2018, the annual SF State University Personalized Medicine 11.0 Conference will consider and discuss the aspects of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Precision Healthcare in a daylong meeting at the South San Francisco Conference Center. Topics will include computational and biological principles, clinical practices, drug discovery and development, business potential, and the regulatory, privacy and ethical implications of personalized medicine.

The annual Personalized Medicine Conference has been presented by San Francisco State University since 2008. Each year the conference offers engaging discussions of challenging topics by prominent scientific leaders of the surrounding Bay Area’s biotechnology, academic, pharmaceutical and medical communities. Conference speakers past and present have included experts from biotech companies and universities such as Agilent, BioMarin, Genentech, Roche, Stanford and UCSF. In partnership with the university’s Department of Biology, the City of South San Francisco, and with corporate support from companies such as BioMarin, Genentech and Gilead, the conference has provided a valuable research presentation and networking opportunity for students and accomplished professionals alike. The event is hosted in the South San Francisco Conference Center, providing an intimate platform for current students to present their work, acquire valuable critique from the industry, and encourage career success post-graduation. Please inquire via email ( for academic and press registration rates.

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