Viome's research reveals gut microbiome activity is key to understanding why different individuals can have opposite blood sugar responses to the same food.


SEATTLE, July 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Viome, a company transforming health through personalized nutrition based on individual biology, today releases the findings from its breakthrough clinical research study in which the company compared how different foods affect blood sugar on an individual level. The research proves that the glycemic response to foods varies greatly based on each person's unique gut microbiome. 

"For years, we have been taught certain foods are bad or good, healthy or unhealthy," says Naveen Jain, CEO and founder of Viome. "This study proves there is no universal 'good' or 'healthy' food  for everyone. It is completely dependent on the functionality of each individual's unique gut microbiome. We remain focused in understanding the human microbiome and its potential to make chronic diseases simply a matter of choice and not a matter of bad luck." 

With the help of its state-of-the-art AI technology, Viome's scientists compared the blood glucose response of various individuals to many different foods in order to determine the effects of microbial gene expression on an individual's blood glucose response. The team collected gut microbiome activity data while measuring the blood glucose response of more than 500 adults of all ethnicities who consumed more than 30,000 meals from omnivore, or vegetarian/gluten-free diets. Viome's researchers tracked food intake, sleep, activity, and glucose response every 15 minutes for 2 weeks. 

It has been widely assumed that all people are supposed to experience the same blood sugar response  to specific foods. For example, foods like bread, pasta, or other carb-heavy foods cause a spike in blood sugar in everybody and foods like almonds or apples have little or no effect on blood sugar. However, this research shows that two people can have radically different responses, even two opposite responses, between two similar foods like bananas and certain breads, as shown in the chart below. 



In short, it is not just the food an individual eats but the individual characteristics including what the gut microbiome does with the food that matters when determining what foods are "healthy" for them. Optimizing the gut microbiome with personalized recommendations based on an individual's unique gut biochemistry can play an essential role in preventing and reversing chronic diseases. 

Viome is proud to conduct such ground-breaking research that utilizes insights from gut microbiome activities in order to further understanding of personalized nutrition. To learn more about the study and its findings, read the blog post on the Viome website.

About Viome:
Viome is defining the future of health through personalized nutrition based on individual biology. The company uses advanced technology, originally developed for National Security at the Los Alamos National Lab, to analyze all the genes expressed by the gut microbiome in order to assess if the body is converting the foods we consume into helpful nutrients or harmful toxins. Viome's artificial intelligence platform transforms these powerful insights into actions by delivering precise, personalized nutrition recommendations for healthy living.

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