Spectrum Veterinary Integrates Revolutionary New Testing Reagent to Its Allergy Testing Technology That Reduces False-Positive Results for Pet Allergies

Sept. 1, 2020 16:00 UTC

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Spectrum Veterinary, the U.S. leader in companion-animal allergy testing and treatment, has incorporated a new blocking reagent to advance its already fully automated allergy-testing process. The reagent addresses naturally occurring cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants (CCDs) that result in false-positive allergy test results. The company is the first laboratory in the United States to offer this advanced technology to veterinarians.

“Spectrum Veterinary is constantly searching for ways to optimize its test results. This technology has been used successfully by our European sister companies to reduce false positives,” said Spectrum’s laboratory manager, Olga Romvari.

These blocking reagents, when used in allergy testing, improve the accuracy of results by reducing interference. More accurate test-results mean that the patient-specific treatment set of allergens can be more precise and produce even more favorable results.

Megan Spencer, director of Sales, said: “Allergy testing is a vital service that improves the lives of animals who suffer. This testing advancement is a logical step forward in improving our test offerings.”

Veterinarians can request testing forms, samples of patient education and support materials, and information about testing methods at Spectrum.vet or by calling call 1-800-553-1391. Pet parents can find a clinic that uses this technology at Spectrum.vet/for-pet-parents/find-a-clinic.

About Spectrum Vet

Spectrum Vet is a subsidiary of Nextmune, a science-driven, global specialty-pharmaceutical company dedicated to better health for dogs, cats, and horses. We have a particular passion for allergy prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Our business is at the forefront of allergy diagnostics and immunotherapy—a unique treatment that reduces or eliminates allergic symptoms by fighting the cause of allergy. It is the first choice for treating allergies. Find more at www.nextmune.com.

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