Seger Develops Next Gen Laparoscopic Bowel Closure Device

Fully laparoscopic intracorporeal anastomotic bowel closure

MISGAV, Israel, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Seger Surgical Solutions Ltd. ("Seger") announced that it has launched development of its next generation laparoscopic stapler for intracorporeal anastomosis. Seger's novel device provides simple, rapid closure for the common enterotomy. Seger has successfully completed animal studies and is validating the device for human trials and FDA clearance in collaboration with Waston Medical, a leading Chinese medical device company.

Bowel resection surgery involves removing a section of the intestine. Following resection, the surgeon creates a common opening (enterotomy) in the two bowel sections to connect them (anastomosis). Laparoscopic bowel resection and anastomosis is preferred over open surgery because of clinical benefits to the patient and procedure speed. Currently, most resections and anastomoses are performed outside the abdomen (extracorporeal) due to the challenges of laparoscopic suturing. Extracorporeal anastomosis has been shown to result in longer hospital stays and increased hospitalization costs due to post-operative complications, including higher post-op hernia rates with midline incisions, increased pain, and worse cosmesis due to larger incisions.

Seger's LAP IA 60 laparoscopic bowel closure device quickly and securely aligns, closes, and staples the common opening for fast and easy intracorporeal anastomosis. The Seger device closes the enterotomy in less than two minutes compared to suturing which takes 15-20 minutes. The device, inserted through a standard 12-millimeter trocar, enables surgeons to perform fully laparoscopic bowel anastomoses for improved clinical results, fewer complications, better cosmesis, and reduced healthcare costs.

Millennium Research Group has projected more than 1.2 million bowel resections in the United States and E.U. in 2022, with annual growth of 10%.

About Seger Surgical Solutions

Seger was founded in 2016, by Prof. Barry Salky and Leo R. Mindick, veterans in the medical device sector. The Company has received funding from The Trendlines Group (SGX: 42T) (OTC-QX: TRNLY) and The Israel Innovation Authority.

Kobby Greenberg, CEO, Seger Surgical Solutions

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