Revolutionary Miracle Dressing Wound Care System is First 21-Day Pressure Sore Prevention Technology

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Today MBET Health announces a proactive solution, the Miracle Dressing Wound Care System (MDS), for the impending surge of pressure injuries expected because of confinements caused by COVID-19 mitigation.

Miracle Dressing is a patented Class 1 medical device which - along with an agglutinant with marine extracts - prevents pressure sores and helps promote healing of Stage 1 and Stage 2 wounds.

MBET Health was founded by Dr. Eric Lewis, a practicing dermatologist, surgeon and scientific researcher based in Beverly Hills, CA.

Dr. Lewis states that “MDS is the easiest way to not only prevent pressure injuries in all facilities across the healthcare spectrum, but to enable staff efficiencies and pain reduction with the first and only 21-day stay-in-place dressing.”

The Wound Healing Society spotlighted the importance of dressings that can stay in place for an extended time. They recommend utilizing dressings that will decrease the intensity of wound care by avoiding the use of dressings that must be changed daily. This would allow over-stressed health care staff to reach more patients in an adequate time frame.

Millions of bedridden patients and the elderly are already at risk. Every year, approximately 2.5 million patients across the United States acquire new pressure injuries/wounds, and approximately 60,000 of these patients die of pressure injury and wound complications. However, Health and Human Services has determined that 93% of all pressure related injuries are preventable.

"We are thrilled to offer a product which has already been shown - in private practice and various healthcare facilities - to help prevent pressure injuries, while promoting skin rejuvenation,” says Dr. Lewis. Miracle Dressing is a paradigm shift in wound management, eliminating frequent dressing changes that cause significant pain for patients suffering from pressure sores as well as bullous diseases (especially EB), first, second and superficial third degree burns.

MBET Health is reinventing the way healthcare providers should approach pressure sores and wounds. As Dr. Lewis states, “The best way to treat a wound is to prevent it in the first place.”

The MBET Health website provides a destination for all wound care providers, nursing staff and senior management to see for themselves the convincing before and after photos and to learn details about proper product application and dressing maintenance.

Miracle Dressing Wound Care System is currently available for purchase only at or by phone at 800-431-6238.

About MBET Health
MBET Health is a solutions-oriented technology company focused on solving one of the most resilient and important problems facing the world of medicine: preventing and healing wounds.

The MBET Health management team includes medical and surgical doctors from a multitude of disciplines, pharmacists and marine biologists.

Beginning in 2001, their founders sourced global literature for marine compounds reported to have human health benefits. As a result of their extensive studies and tests, several compounds and systems have been patented (or patent-pending) and have been specifically designed for rejuvenation and effective repair of damaged skin. The mechanisms of action of their system's ingredients are designed to heal intractable wounds and strengthen weak, vulnerable skin to minimize the probability of breakdown.

Over a seven-year period, MBET Health developed technologies specifically designed to protect wounds and vulnerable skin from friction, pinching and irritation and allow the skin to repair itself in a matter of weeks. The end product is a system designed to prevent bedsores and help heal Stage 1 and Stage 2 wounds.


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Source: MBET Health

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