RCP Diagnostics Licenses Its Protein Marker To Biomarker Technologies LLC

Published: May 11, 2006

PHOENIX, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- RCP Diagnostics(TM) announced today that they have entered into a licensing agreement with Biomarker Technologies to allow Biomarker to use RCP's protein marker, riboflavin carrier protein, in conjunction with Biomarker's blood diagnostic for breast cancer, called the BT Test(TM).

The BT Test is a patented blood test that looks at five important cancer associated biomarkers, which, when analyzed in combination with each other and evaluated using the Company's proprietary data processing protocol, has demonstrated a capability of detecting breast cancer better than either digital or film mammography. Biomarker Technologies launched its second clinical study the week of April 23rd, which will involve more than 930 women and is expected to take four to six months to complete.

RCP's President, William Gartner said, "Due to the high sensitivity and the early stage differentiation of breast cancer demonstrated by RCP, Biomarker Technologies is investigating the incorporation of this marker into their latest clinical study as a potential contributor to the BT Test's panel of markers. We will be evaluating RCP both as an independent marker and as a synergistic component to the BT Test." Under the terms of the agreement, Biomarker will use the RCP marker only for the diagnosis of breast cancer.

The clinical study is being coordinated through Phoenix-area physicians, clinics and imaging centers. Among them will be BenOra Imaging, Scottsdale Medical Imaging Ltd, Arizona BreastNet and a private board certified breast cancer surgeon and specialist, Dr. Christa Corn. In all, approximately 15 to 20 physicians and clinics are expected to participate in the study. Kronos Science Laboratories, a certified CLIA laboratory in Phoenix, will be performing the sample analysis for the study.

Donald Weber, RCP's VP of Licensing, said, "We expect the combined BT/RCP Test to demonstrate an accuracy of greater than 90 percent with both superior sensitivity and specificity. As the first blood diagnostic test of its kind, this Test will play a critical role in assisting physicians in the early diagnosis of breast cancer, which is key to timely treatment intervention and improved survival rates from this devastating disease."

About Biomarker Technologies

Arizona-based Biomarker Technologies LLC is a translational in-vitro diagnostic company focused on the diagnosis of breast cancer. The company is poised to quickly bring the BT Test to market either by licensing a large global provider or through FDA's Reference Lab Program.

About RCP Diagnostics

RCP Diagnostics LLC is a privately-held, in-vitro diagnostic company focused on commercializing a blood test for Women's Cancers, which include breast, ovarian, uterine and cervical cancers.

For more information on the BT Test and the ongoing clinical study, please visit www.BiomarkerTech.com. For more information on RCP Diagnostics LLC, please visit www.RCPdiagnostics.com or contact RCP Diagnostics at 602-468-0777

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