Precision Therapeutics Making Rapid Progress with Both Personalized Medicine and Unique Medical Waste Disposal System

Orlando, FL, Aug. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CEOLive.TV, a news organization that highlights leading CEOs, companies, and industry experts for investors, today released its second video interview [] with Dr. Carl Schwartz, CEO of Precision Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:AIPT).

In a previous March 2018 discussion with CEOLive.TV’s Mike Elliott, Schwartz explained that Precision Therapeutics had the potential to revolutionize the treatment of cancer through personalized medicine, while also becoming a leader in the safe disposal of medical waste fluid during hospital procedures.

Now, in the new interview, which can be viewed at, Schwartz tells Elliott that the company is rapidly moving forward to turn its huge promise into reality. “Everyone should keep their eye on us,” he says.

Through its near-term merger with Helomics, for example, Precision Therapeutics now has access to nearly 150,000 individual tumors, along with key information on how those tumors respond to drugs, plus an artificial intelligence platform (the D-CHIP) for analyzing the data. In a recent interview with Health Media Now, Gerald Vardzel, President and CEO of Helomics, describes how this is ushering in a new era of individualized cancer treatment.

In addition, Precision Therapeutics’ wholly owned subsidiary TumorGenesisis the first company to develop a method of growing human tumors in the lab, where the “tumor thinks it is still in the body,” Schwartz says. That makes it possible to test cocktails of drugs against individual tumors to find the right drugs for fighting an individual’s unique cancer.

Precision Therapeutics’ unique capabilities have become even more important now that Congress has passed the so-called Right To Try law, which allows terminally ill patients to try experimental drugs. “We uniquely positioned to work with that,” says Schwartz. “We can take the tumor, test it outside the body, see what works and then use it to help the patient.”

The company is also making considerable progress with its innovative Streamway automated fluid waste disposal system, which is sold through its Skyline subsidiary. The Streamway system is the only technology that collects body fluids and other medical waste and sends the waste directly to the drain, virtually eliminating the chances of hospital workers getting infected by viruses or bacteria in the body fluids. Skyline has just gotten strong patent protection in 38 European countries, and is developing a sales organization across Europe, Canada, the U.S., and other countries, says Schwartz. Moreover, it will begin offering a third generation Streamway system later this year that is smaller, more efficient, and more versatile.

Overall, it’s a very impressive track record. “It’s a great story for investors to look at,” says Elliott.

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