Phosphorus CEO Alex Bisignano to Speak at Precision Medicine World Conference on Impact of Population Genetic Screening

NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Phosphorus, a leading preventative genomics company, announced today that Co-founder and CEO Alexander Bisignano will present data demonstrating the population health impact of GeneCompass™, the first holistic medical-grade genetic test available at a consumer genomics price point.

Bisignano's talk, Beyond ACMG 73: The quantified impact of population-based comprehensive screening for genetic conditions and susceptibilities, will take place at the 20th Precision Medicine World Conference on September 23, 2021 at 3:00 P.M.

"We are excited to present data on how expanding both the clinical phenotypes we include in preventative genetic testing as well as the penetrance & severity of variants we include in preventative genetic testing helps to identify more patients for earlier intervention, with a real potential to improve or in some cases save more lives," said Bisignano. "However, increased detection of individuals with genetic variants prior to symptoms brings about a number of questions and challenges to be solved from increasing access to genetic counseling to establishing medical management protocols earlier in the life cycle for many of the conditions on our test."

The Precision Medicine World Conference brings together leaders from biotechnology, medicine, social sciences, big data, and other key fields to catalyze initiatives in precision medicine. The full conference will take place on September 23-24, 2021 in Pittsburgh.

GeneCompass is the first medical-grade genetic test to cover a broad range of important preventable conditions, not just limited to inherited cancers or cardiovascular disorders. GeneCompass medical content also includes the genetics related to endocrinology, vision loss, hearing loss, infertility, neurology and pharmacogenetics. Additionally, GeneCompass bridges the gap between medical genomics and wellness by providing a comprehensive wellness panel including diet & nutrition, exercise genomics, skin & haircare and the genetics of sleep.

GeneCompass is available on the Phosphorus website for $249, a price point on par with consumer genetic ancestry tests.

About Phosphorus

Phosphorus' mission is to extend and improve lives by making genomics a foundational part of everyone's health and wellness journey. Having built a verticalized genetic testing platform, from wet lab chemistry to software and bioinformatics, Phosphorus is able to provide the most comprehensive, medical-grade genetic tests at price points helping to democratize access to genomic information. Additionally, Phosphorus provides white-labeling genomics-as-a-service solutions by partnering with organizations who want to deploy their own preventative genetic testing solutions. This helps empower healthcare providers to make preventative genomics the norm in medicine.

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