Pandemic Protect Deployed in Massachusetts as COVID-19 Cases Rise

Quantgene PCR testing offers unparalleled accuracy, speed and COVID-19 variant identification for schools, local government

BOSTON, Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Quantgene, a medical intelligence firm specializing in precision medicine and advanced COVID-19 solutions, is now offering Pandemic Protect throughout Massachusetts as COVID-19 cases rise. With nearly 8,000 newly confirmed cases in the past seven days, the need for accurate, rapid results has become critical to containing the spread of the virus.

Pandemic Protect reports COVID-19 RT-PCR results in 12 hours or less, the fastest turnaround time in the nation, and identifies variants using genome sequencing. Test results are instantly uploaded to the Apollo dashboard less than one second after the laboratory result. Knowing the type of variant has proven to be just as key as speed. Precise data means a quicker response time for public health officials, schools, college campuses, nursing homes, etc., all of which are vulnerable to a COVID-19 surge. Previously, officials and leaders were making decisions based on results from tests taken days or even weeks prior.

"Real-time data and analysis have proved to be critical in pandemic response. Quantgene's advanced testing methods and integration of our Apollo software can help identify outbreaks as they are happening and allows immediate action to be taken," said Stu Brown, SVP of Commercial Operations at Quantgene. "Schools, government officials and hospitals can make decisions based on data right now, not data from a week ago. That time difference can stop a full outbreak and even save lives."

The precise PCR testing provides better accuracy resulting in zero missed COVID-19 cases and a less than 0.01% rate of false positives in the first million tests. Quantgene offers full-service solutions, which are ideal for schools, college campuses and local governments. Resources can be deployed to local pop-up or collection centers with courier services to relay tests directly to the laboratory, cutting the time between collection and processing. Mobile laboratories can also be set up at schools or campuses to process tests.

Quantgene Pandemic Response:

  • Fastest RT-PCR turnaround time in the nation
    • 99.9% of test results posted in less than 12 hours
    • Real-time cloud reporting and analytics
  • Tests for monkeypox, flu, polio, COVID-19 and others
    • Traces and tracks COVID-19 variants and strains using in-house genome sequencing
    • Provides variant/strand identification in results reporting
  • Full-service solutions
  • Local pop-up and collection centers
  • Laboratory courier services
  • Mobile laboratories for rapid remote deployment
    • 12-hour turnaround time from lab drop-off to posted results on Apollo dashboard
    • 30-minute turnaround time for antigen testing
    • Real-time analytics and state reporting

The advanced pandemic response system and the Apollo cloud are already in use in California, New York and South Carolina, providing more than one million results to businesses, governments, schools and college campuses since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quantgene controls the process from testing and collection to lab analysis and results, to data analysis and presentation, through the Apollo dashboard. This process centralization allows for the nation's fastest turnaround time for COVID-19 results. Pandemic Protect and Apollo cloud systems can be modified to accommodate testing for monkeypox, polio, flu and other viruses that can be detected via PCR or antigen tests.

About Quantgene

Quantgene was founded in 2015 at UC Berkeley with the mission to detect cancer and other diseases early and protect human life. Now based in Santa Monica, California, with offices in Portland, Oregon, and Berlin, Quantgene has galvanized a team of scientists and technologists to push the boundaries of precision and preventive medicine. With the backbone of a world-leading laboratory infrastructure and AI-powered cloud systems, Quantgene has utilized its talent and technology to transform healthcare through three business units: Apollo, Pandemic Protect, and Serenity.

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