Panacea Launches Medical Grade Hemp Oil Sublingual Tablet

LOUISVILLE, Colo., June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Panacea Life Sciences, located outside of Boulder, CO, aims to revolutionize the hemp oil market with F.A.S.T., a tablet easily absorbed under the tongue containing the highest amount of hemp oil per sublingual product currently available on the market.

"Each step of our process from sourcing plant material, to processing and manufacturing, is quality controlled to the same degree as a pharmaceutical drug," explains Dr. James Baumgartner, President of Panacea Life Sciences. "When people buy our products, they can be assured each dose contains the described specific amount of hemp oil."

Panacea launched F.A.S.T. as an alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals that often have side effects.

"People are looking for natural alternatives to alleviate conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety, or sleep issues instead of taking addictive opiate-based painkillers and medications that cause unpleasant side effects," Dr. Baumgartner said. "Our involvement in clinical trials and their results drive the development of Panacea products."

Unlike other hemp oil products available, Panacea's products contain zero THC, the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, which means no "high" feeling.

Panacea also offers DAILY, a phytocannabinoid-rich soft gel; SOOTHE, an all-natural moisturizer with essential oils applied topically to relieve aches and pains; and their first pet product, CANINE, which helps pets suffering from pain, cancer, joint issues, post-surgery complications and anxiety. Panacea recently launched their Equine product as well.

Coming to stores soon, Panacea products can currently be purchased online at

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