Noxopharm Shares Major Cancer Survival Benefit at ASCO Global Conference

SYDNEY--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Australian clinical-stage drug development company, Noxopharm, is pleased to report the publication of the latest survival data from the LuPIN study ahead of their formal presentation to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Genitourinary Cancers Symposium (February 11-13, 2021), the preeminent medical conference dedicated to sharing the most recent innovations in the treatment of genitourinary cancers.

The results showed a median overall survival (mOS) of 19.7 months, exceeding all other mOS results for existing prostate cancer treatments in their own registration studies. This supports evidence that a combination of Veyonda® (NOX66) and the experimental radiopharmaceutical, 177lutetium-PSMA-617, is a long-awaited leap forward in the treatment of metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). This offers a patient with mCRPC a high chance of the cancer responding to treatment to the extent of obtaining a meaningful survival outcome.

“This clinical data continues to cement the view that Veyonda is on track to become a major new immunotherapy oncology drug of medical and commercial significance,” said Noxopharm CEO Dr. Graham Kelly. “The investigators chose to test the LuPIN combination in men with end-stage disease as being the most stringent test possible. Providing men at this stage with an opportunity to achieve about an average of 20 months of life, with obviously more in some men, is an extraordinary outcome. This could potentially revolutionize the treatment of end-stage prostate cancer.”

The study enrolled a total of 56 patients whose cancers had progressed to an advanced stage despite standard therapy. The goal of the combined treatment was to slow or block tumor progression to deliver better quality of life and extended survival for these men, and to do so in a well-tolerated way.

Noxopharm sees the next step as taking the combination further upstream in the treatment process with a view to it becoming an early standard-of-care treatment.

About Noxopharm

Noxopharm is a clinical-stage Australian oncology drug development company with offices in Sydney and New York. The company has a primary focus on the development of Veyonda® and is the major shareholder in the nononcology drug development company, Nyrada Inc.


Jane Byram
SCORR Marketing


Source: Noxopharm

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