Novartis AG to Beef Up Cambridge Site With 175 New Jobs, Slashes 500 R&D Jobs Elsewhere

Published: Nov 08, 2013

Novartis isn't the only one with new jobs in MA, others are hiring too! Check it out! (Isn't it tempting?)

Novartis AG (NOVN) plans to close two sites in Europe, move staff from California to the Boston area and cut about 500 jobs in an effort consolidate its research operations, especially in respiratory diseases.

Novartis plans to close sites in Horsham, England, and Vienna and move cancer research from Emeryville, California, to Cambridge, Massachusetts, Eric Althoff, a spokesman for the company, said in an e-mailed statement today. The biotherapeutics development unit in La Jolla, California, will be closed, he said.

Don't forget, hundreds of biopharma companies are hiring! (We know you can't resist.)

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