NovaMed Ltd. and Sanofi-Aventis (France) Extend Collaboration in China

Published: Jul 28, 2008

(July 29, 2008, Shanghai) NovaMed Pharmaceuticals Inc, a leading China-based pharmaceutical company which provides outsourced drug development and commercialization services for global multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies today announced that their collaboration with sanofi-aventis in China has been extended, beginning July 2008. In addition to the exclusive outsourcing of five other established sanofi-aventis China drugs in China, NovaMed is now also charged with the promotion and distribution of Depakine®, the treatment of choice for epilepsy worldwide since the 1970s.

Depakine®, the most widely prescribed broad-spectrum anti-convulsant in China, marks the sixth sanofi-aventis product for NovaMed to commercialize in China. The world leading pharmaceutical company, No. 1 in Europe, sanofi-aventis was the first to partner with NovaMed in China after its foundation in 2006, for the outsourcing of a series of central nervous system (CNS), cardiovascular and urology products.

The ongoing collaborative relationship between the two companies began in 2006 with Xatral®, the first product in a class of alpha1-blockers to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). A recent IMS Health report revealed that Xatral® has demonstrated very strong growth, notably at the highest rate in the BPH treatment market since the cooperation with NovaMed began. The focus on collaboration with multinational pharmaceutical companies in China underscores the opportunity for NovaMed to expand hospital coverage in various cities across China and facilitate greater patient access to clinically proven and effective therapies.

NovaMed is now the exclusive promotion partner of three sanofi-aventis CNS products in China, including Depakine®, Stilnox® and Perenan®. In addition, it is sanofi-aventis China’s appointed outsourcing partner for Tritace® (cardiovascular), Xatral®(urology), and Rulide® (Infection). Tritace® is one of the leading treatment options for hypertension and high risk cardiovascular patients in the market and Stilnox® is the most widely prescribed hypnotic in the US for improving the continuity and quality of sleep.

The collaboration with sanofi-aventis with Depakine allows NovaMed to continue to strengthen its sales and marketing efforts in the CNS pipeline. The company’s sales and marketing team is currently over 350 people strong across China and includes a special oncology business unit of 55 people.

ABOUT NOVAMED NovaMed Pharmaceuticals was founded in August 2005 to provide one-stop-shop service for global pharmaceutical companies and brand owners looking to leverage cost advantage and achieve optimal market potential in China. Through a directly managed sales organization of 300 people strong and growing and an exclusive network of best-in-class research, development, regulatory and distribution partners, NovaMed has built viable commercialization models for products at different stages of their life cycle. These include products already commercially available in China, internationally approved products not yet registered in China, and in-license late stage development compounds. For more information, visit

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