Newly Published Data Shows Chronix Biomedical's Serum DNA Assays Can Detect Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Published: Mar 09, 2010

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Chronix Biomedical today announced publication of a study that supports the utility of its serum DNA blood tests for the early and accurate detection of breast cancer. The Chronix tests detect the circulating DNA that is released into the blood stream by damaged and dying cells. A growing body of publications from Chronix and other researchers shows that this circulating DNA can be identified and analyzed to provide a diagnostic window into ongoing changes in the genome associated with specific diseases—changes that can be used to identify disease processes at an early stage and to track responses to treatment. This new study shows that the Chronix approach was able to detect invasive breast cancer with high diagnostic sensitivity and specificity, even at the earliest stage when tumors are very small. The findings are published in the current online edition of Molecular Cancer Research.*

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