New Mustard Tree Instruments Verifier™ Process System 1000 Brings Radical Change to In-Process Materials Testing

Published: Jan 24, 2012

(Research Triangle Park, N.C.) Mustard Tree Instruments®, continuing to lead the way in developing innovative solutions to evolving manufacturing challenges, has added to its game-changing toolset for pharmaceutical and chemical applications. Agile, sensitive chemical identification and composition testing of raw and blended materials can now be done online with the brand-new Verifier Process System 1000 (VPS-1000).

Tough and powerful, yet about the size of laptop, the VPS-1000 is specifically designed to fit in the most compact processing locations for real-time testing of liquids, powders, solids, gels, suspensions and emulsions in a variety of harsh conditions and hygienic environments.

“We set out to make a very advanced, highly sensitive fit-to-purpose process instrument radically different from other products,” said Stan Ayers, engineering manager for the VPS-1000.

“Our whole criteria across the board was to make it really tough, hence its rugged waterproof enclosure housing the instrument’s sensitive Raman spectrometer usable for qualitative and quantitative testing,” he explained.

Raman spectroscopy has proven to be an accurate method of measuring the purity and composition of raw materials and maintaining the desired mix levels in pharmaceutical processing. Mustard Tree Instruments® is a noted innovator and advocate in the use of Raman spectroscopy within analytical instrumentation, going so far as to produce a YouTube channel,, with a six-minute educational video on applications of the technology in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

According to Ayers, the VPS-1000 excels in both pharmaceutical and chemical processing due to its environmental toughness, reliability, remote operation, and ability to operate in high temperatures and within hygienic environments due to its easy cleaning. Another plus is its size: in direct contrast to cumbersome 95+-pound systems from competitors that come with bulky cooling systems, the VPS-1000 weighs in at just 12 pounds and is easy to install and operate in most any materials processing environment.

The VPS-1000 simplifies complex decision making processes similar to Mustard Tree Instruments® VTT-1000 at-line material verification testing tool for benign environments. Both instruments are in the same class of pricing and pay for themselves quickly with low implementation costs, forming a unique, essential toolset to help drug manufacturers solve specific quality and business problems such as reducing manufacturing lead time, increasing yield, and decreasing sample analysis cost.

“With the VTT-1000 and now the VPS-1000, Mustard Tree Instruments® has closed the gap in testing tools needed to assure quality products being made with fewer recalls,” said Chief Technical Officer Brian Garrett.

The American Medical Association recently went on record saying the rising number of critical drug shortages constitutes a "national public health emergency" requiring a swift and sophisticated response to address the roots of the crisis. According to the FDA, the number of drugs classified as being “in shortage” tripled from 61 in 2005 to 178 in 2010. The FDA further states more than half of current drug shortages are due to manufacturing quality problems.

“Rapid testing with Mustard Tree instrumentation takes the guess work out of quality control and provides our customers with intuitive, easy-to-use tools to assure fact-based decision making versus producing at risk,” Garret added.

Using a non-destructive laser technology to see through a sight glass (no sample contact), the VPS-1000 eliminates the need for human or instrument exposure to potent materials. The instrument is adaptable for the use as an in-line probe or on-line flow cell. Designed for hazardous location use it has an approved laser safety rating. It is cGMP configured and 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliant. The device features calibration with NIST traceable and ASTM defined standards and lifetime factory-calibrated sensors.

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About Mustard Tree Instruments®

Mustard Tree Instruments® accelerates the QC process by bringing testing from the lab to the production line ( Mustard Tree Instruments® is redefining pharmaceutical manufacturing testing with unique at line or real time devices, the VTT-1000 and VPS-1000. Using Raman spectroscopy technology for enhanced accuracy, their instruments quickly verify raw material identity to final form dosage in solid, powder, and liquid product samples within seconds. The rapid and simple to set up analytics significantly reduce testing time and start-up costs while mitigating manufacturing risks associated with bad product batches. Mustard Tree Instruments is committed to fully engaging customers from purchase through implementation. For more information, visit

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