Mettler-Toledo Release: ReactIR™ 247 Receives Ex Certification for Zone 1 Hazardous Environments

Published: Feb 15, 2012

Zurich, Switzerland. 9th February, 2012 – METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce ReactIR™ 247 has been certified for safe use by TRaC in HL-ATEX Zone 1 hazardous manufacturing environments and is ready for immediate shipment.

METTLER TOLEDO ReactIR™ 247 HL-ATEX configuration helps manufacturers in Europe and around the world take advantage of next-generation Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analysis to characterize a nearly limitless array of process chemistry reactions. Additionally, the compact, plug-and-play design also allows it to be used at multiple points along the manufacturing line, resulting in significant testing and manufacturing cost reductions and shortening time-to-market.

With this certification, ReactIR™ 247 now displays the Ex Mark label. This labeling indicates ReactIR™ 247 met required safety standards necessary for compliance to the ATEX Directive and led to the issuance of an EC Type Examination Certificate TRAC1 1ATEX21306X. These standards include; EN60079-0:2006 - General Requirements for Gases; EN60079-1:2007 - Flameproof Equipment for (Ex d); and EN60079-28:2007 - Explosive Atmospheres.

Meeting these rigorous standards—as well as METTLER TOLEDO expertise in manufacturing precision devices—helps ensure quality managers can obtain faster results without compromising safety, particularly in sensitive industries such as fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

ReactIR™ 247 is known for its ability to provide fast, real-time information that aids in process optimization. Easy-to-use, and with a small benchprint, ReactIR™ 247 can be incorporated at many points along a production line. ReactIR™ 247 design also effectively solves a variety of long-standing problems with multi-flow synthesis such as controlling different reagent streams.

ReactIR™ 247 ATEX rating makes it appropriate for use in Europe and around the world, with the exception of North America. METTLER TOLEDO ReactIR™ 247 HL-UL, certified for Class 1, Division 1 hazardous use in the United States and Canada, is available for manufacturers operating in this region.

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