Merck & Co., Inc. Release: Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Fasting for Ramadan in India and Malaysia Were About Half as Likely to Experience Low Blood Sugar When Switched from a Sulfonylurea to MSD’s JANUVIA® (sitagliptin)

Published: Jun 28, 2012

WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new study published today in Current Medical Research & Opinion (CMRO) showed that people with type 2 diabetes who chose to fast during Ramadan and were switched to MSD’s JANUVIA (sitagliptin) from a sulfonylurea (SU) experienced approximately half the risk of symptomatic low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) compared to patients who maintained treatment with an SU (n=16/421 [3.8%] versus n=31/427 [7.3%]). A total of 85 episodes of symptomatic hypoglycemia were reported in both groups. In the sitagliptin group, 22 episodes were reported by 16 patients, and in the SU group, 63 episodes were reported by 31 patients.

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