Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, Inc. Release: Four Entrepreneurs Chosen to Catalyze & Commercialize Innovations

Published: Feb 20, 2013

February 19, 2013 (CAMBRIDGE, MA) —Entrepreneurs developing therapies using immune cells to kill cancer, software for cheaper and easier DNA sequencing, technology to provide personalized dosing in clinical trials and products to revolutionize treatment for atrial fibrillation have been chosen to learn from life sciences pros in the latest round of MassCONNECT.

These four ideas were chosen for inclusion in MassCONNECT, MassBio’s entrepreneur mentorship program, which kicked off its first cycle of 2013 today with a Technology Showcase. These entrepreneurs—chosen for their innovative technologies, products, or services—are paired with seasoned life sciences professionals for evaluation and advice as they work toward developing business plans, launching companies, and raising capital.

“MassCONNECT energizes the life sciences ecosystem and advances innovation by connecting inventors and entrepreneurs with the resources needed for success,” said John Hallinan, Chief Business Officer at MassBio.

The applicants chosen for the latest round of mentorship are:

Pattern Genomics, LLC Daniel Fasulo, Ph.D.

Pattern Genomics has developed a novel software platform called Daydreamer that enables simultaneous pattern analysis and molecular assay design based on large-scale DNA sequencing data. The software forms the core of a robust, reproducible, and broadly-applicable process to assay design that is largely automated and far faster than traditional approaches, and hence much less expensive.

Boston 3T Biotechnologies Meijia Yang, Ph.D.

Woburn, MA

Boston 3T Biotechnologies is developing genetically engineered T-cells as therapeutic for treating lymphomas and solid tumors. The therapeutic mechanism is based on the mobilization of the patient’s own immune cells, which will lead to the killing of the cancer cells. In addition, this technology trains the patient’s immune system to memorize this acquired ability in order to fight against the recurring cancer cells, resulting in a durable and effective control of the cancer.

LuminaCare Solutions David Howe Ph.D.

LuminaCare Solutions is a Healthcare IT Company focused on patient data for optimization of clinical trials. LuminaCare’s lead technology is a platform that integrates patient characteristics, clinical data, and testing algorithms to provide personalized dosing for patients to maintain efficacy while reducing side effects. By repurposing technology that is currently being used to determine efficacious doses for the overall population from clinical trials, LuminaCare Solutions is able to determine an optimal does for a patient using a simple, minimally invasive test.

AlbaCor Medical Corporation Martin Sklar, M.S.

AblaCor Medical Corporation ( is a medical device company that is developing a revolutionary ablation product called the CircumBlator™ PVI Ablation System for the treatment of patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib). The CircumBlator’s comprehensive solution will provide safer, shorter, easier-to-perform, and more effective catheter ablation procedures. Unique from ablation devices on the market or in development, the CircumBlator technology will afford enhanced tissue contact and feedback. AblaCor believes the significant value the CircumBlator will bring to patients and physicians will be a mainstream, first-line treatment for AFib.

Each of these entrepreneurs is working with a team of mentors and an MBA student with expertise that fits their needs. The mentors and entrepreneurs will meet several times over the next two months to collaborate on a business plan for the proposed new technology or platform. The program culminates with entrepreneurs making their first pitch to a small group of venture capitalists and other possible investors. To date, approximately 12% of MassCONNECT graduates have received funding following their graduation from the program.

MassCONNECT is open to opportunities that involve the development of a new technologies, products, services, applications, or processes in the life sciences area. Typically, these will include new diagnostic tests, pre-clinical therapeutic molecules, platform technologies, and/or instrumentation.

For more information, or to apply to be a mentor, mentee, or MBA intern, visit

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