Lure Employers With These Cover Letter Tips

Published: Sep 05, 2013

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September 5, 2013

3 Steps to Writing a Customized Cover Letter

By Jessica Holbrook Hernandez, Expert Resume Writer

Customizing your cover letter as you apply to different opportunities is very important. It lets the hiring manager know you’re not just sending out a generic letter to any and all employers, and it demonstrates that you genuinely care and are interested in the position. If you’re not quite sure the best way to do that, I’m going to outline three steps to customizing your cover letter as you apply.

1. Benefit-Laden Introduction

The best cover letters start with benefit-laden sentences and include the position you’re seeking. This tells the employer which position you’re interested in and why you’re the best fit for the opening. It also induces them to read your resume so they can find out more about just how great you really are. Starting with benefit-laden sentences is also so much more captivating than starting with the standard please accept my resume in response to X position advertised in

2. Marketing in the Middle

The middle of your cover letter is your time to shine. Market your talents, successes, and achievements in brief statements or bullets, and make sure you choose statements that demonstrate how you would be a valuable asset to their organization. This is the place to demonstrate FIT. Be relevant! Focus on your experience, education, and achievements as they relate to the position you’re applying to. Employers want to see the connection between your experience and their needs. This is the best place to substantiate your credentials and fit for the position.

3. Close With a Call

Always close your cover letter with a call to action; don’t just end it by saying thanks for your time. The best cover letters don’t just thank the reader for his or her time; they also state how you will follow up with them about the opportunity or how they can best reach you—or both! I’ve read cover letters that end with something to this effect: Thank you for your time and interest. I will follow up with you in one week via telephone to confirm receipt of my resume and cover letter and to discuss further how my prior success at XYZ can be a valuable asset to ABC Company.

Creating a customized cover letter doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you focus on the three steps above. Remember, it’s all about communicating how you can meet their needs and why you would be an asset to their organization. Be personable too; don’t just make it all about the FACTS. A cover letter is a great place to show your personality—as long as you’re professional.

About the Author

Jessica Hernandez, is a resume authority for the Job Talk America radio program and multi-published expert author for resume, career, and job search publications. She boasts more than ten years in human resources management and hiring for Fortune 500 companies and utilizes her extensive experience to support job seekers in their quest to move onward and upward in their careers. Find out more at Great Resumes Fast.

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