Interventional Orthopedics Foundation Announces New Leadership

BROOMFIELD, Colo., March 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation (IOF), a 501c3 non-profit organization, has begun identifying the next generation of leaders for the organization. As a result, the IOF board of directors has confirmed Gerard Malanga, M.D., and Rahul Desai, M.D., as President-Elect and Vice President-elect, respectively, for 2019/2020. Prior to beginning their terms, the physician leaders will spend a year learning about the administrative aspects of the organization under the direction of IOF Founder Christopher Centeno, M.D., Executive Director Nancy Ho, and the IOF Board of Directors.

"Our goal is to ensure that IOF moves from a fledgling organization to the unquestioned leader in this new and emerging medical specialty of Interventional Orthopedics. To do that, we need many great minds and leaders involved at the head of a growing movement," stated founder Dr. Centeno. "We fully support the organization growing in new and exciting directions by allowing new leaders to emerge," stated Dr. Don Buford of the IOF Board of Directors.

Gerard A. Malanga, MD
Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatry) and Sports and Pain Medicine with a fellowship from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Dr. Gerard Malanga is a renowned specialist in the nonsurgical treatment of a variety of orthopedic injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. His practice includes the treatment of athletes from recreational to the college, Olympic, and professional levels.

Dr. Malanga lectures throughout the United States and internationally on a variety of sports medicine, spine, orthopedic, and pain management topics. He provides sports medicine services to several New Jersey high schools and colleges and has served as the head team physician for New Jersey City University since 1999. He also serves as a consultant to the Rutger's University Athletic Department.

Dr. Malanga co-authored "The Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Injections," a comprehensive textbook on ultrasound-guided injections of the musculoskeletal system, and "Regenerative Treatments in Sports and Orthopedic Medicine," the first comprehensive book devoted to orthobiologic treatments for orthopedic conditions written for physicians. He is also a regular contributor to

Rahul Desai, MD
Dr. Rahul N. Desai, a fellowship-trained musculoskeletal interventional radiologist, founded Restore PDX Interventional Spine & Sports Medicine in 2013 with the mission to redefine musculoskeletal healthcare.

This unique practice allows a group of clinicians with diverse medical specialties (Radiology, Physiatry, Functional Medicine and Naturopathy) to focus on their patients' health and well-being in a truly collaborative model. It brings extremely advanced--albeit distinct--skill sets together to improve patient diagnoses, properly select therapies, and achieve outstanding patient outcomes.

In 2008, Dr. Desai began to expand his musculoskeletal ultrasound and interventional spine practice with the use of cutting edge orthobiologic therapies, such as Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP), Stem Cells, and Amniotic Membrane-Derived Growth Factors. He began treating tendon and ligament disorders and quickly expanded to joint and spine pathology. He tracked patient outcomes after regenerative biologic injection therapies with hundreds of before and after Tesla 3 MRI scans, which clearly documented tissue healing, directly correlating with clinical improvement.

Dr. Desai gained both national and international acclaim in the fields of MSK radiology and orthobiologic treatments. Having performed thousands of regenerative injection therapies, he is a recognized international expert in the field of Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP), cellular therapies, and regenerative medicine. His endeavors include numerous lectures, presentations, publications, and clinical research.

Dr. Desai enjoys healthy cooking, hiking, and spending quality time with his wife, Nisha and their five beautiful children. They are thrilled to be expecting their fifth child this month.

About the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation
The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation (IOF) was established as a non-profit (501)C(3) organization on January 27, 2015. IOF is dedicated to the education and accreditation of physicians who perform precise, image-guided orthobiologic injections to reduce the need for more invasive orthopedic surgery. For more information about the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation, visit


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