HemaCare Plays Mission Critical Role in Global Cellular Therapy Development

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For many years, HemaCare Corporation (OTCBB: HEMA) has been at the epicenter of cellular therapy, immunotherapy, and regenerative medicine research by providing researchers from biotech and pharma companies with mission critical human biological materials from reliable and recallable donors. This includes process development material for autologous therapies (patient’s own cells used to treat disease), as well as supplying starting material for allogeneic cell therapies (healthy donor material used to create “off the shelf” treatments). The ability to manipulate immune cells and reprogram them to target cancer and other diseases represents a new era in medicine, preceded by years of research and development using primary human cells from donors, including those collected and processed by HemaCare.

Our clients continue to request our expertise and rely upon our ability to provide cGMP collections as their development efforts move into advanced stages of development, including clinical trials and manufacturing of pharmaceutical-grade cells. With a strong global research and development pipeline, the pace of approvals for cellular therapy is poised to increase, and it is an exciting time not only for our customers, but for the many patients who will benefit from these revolutionary therapies.

“HemaCare is proud to continue playing a key role supporting the research and process development of therapies at various stages ranging from initial research all the way through commercialization of our clients’ projects,” said Pete van der Wal, HemaCare’s Chief Executive Officer. “HemaCare is thrilled to see the hard work and investment pay off for the benefit of patients all over the world, and congratulates the dedicated teams of scientists and doctors who are making these therapies a reality.”

About Us

HemaCare Corporation is a provider of human blood products and services in support of the rapidly expanding field of immune therapy, including stem cell therapy. Our expertise has evolved through 39 years in the business of blood collection, processing and storage. In addition, we have established a robust donor recruitment and management system which supports an extensive registry of well-characterized repeat donors. HemaCare’s controlled procedures ensure a readily available inventory of high-quality, consistent and selectable primary human cells and biological products for advanced biomedical research. Our clients are engaged in basic research and development of clinical therapies that are designed to manipulate the immune system for treatment and cure of cancer, degenerative diseases, and immune and genetic disorders. HemaCare’s products and services address several key markets, including immune therapy research, cell manufacturing for clinical therapy, and clinical laboratory instrument development. We specialize in custom cell collections for clients who may require donors with specific attributes (phenotypic or disease state, for example), or sub-sets of immune cells that can be selected in our laboratory using the latest technology. HemaCare’s products and services address all stages of cell therapy development, from basic biological research in academic institutions to pharmaceutical cell development at cell therapy and bio-pharma companies. For more information, please visit www.hemacare.com.

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