Hamamatsu Photonics Enhanced UV Response Photomultiplier Tube

Published: Jun 28, 2012

June 28, 2012 -- Hamamatsu Photonics introduce a new 28mm (1-1/8”) diameter side-on PMT, the R11540. Like its very popular family member, the R928, the R11540 is a high sensitivity 9 stage PMT. The R11540 features a spectral response range of 185nm to 760nm, with a peak response at 420nm. With an enhanced UV sensitivity, the R11540 offers an impressive quantum efficiency of 40% at 350nm.

The new tube also features high anode sensitivity; 11.3 x 105 A/W at 350 nm and 12.0 x 105 A/W at 420 nm. The R11540’s sensitivity and high gain (1.0 x 107 typical) make it ideal for low light detection of UV and visible light in fluorescence spectrometers. This new PMT is also ideal as a fluorescence detector for HPLC, as a sulphur dioxide monitor, fluorescence immunoassay detector for clinical use, and many others.

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