GeneFormatics, Inc. CEO To Speak On Scaling Next Generation Sequencing At Bio-IT World

Published: May 16, 2017

Presentation to address challenges in transfer, storage and archiving of NGS data

BOSTON, Mass – May 15, 2017 - Geneformics Data Systems Limited, a leader in Genomics IT Infrastructures that advance the accessibility of transfer, storage and archiving of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), today announced that CEO Rafael Feitelberg will be addressing attendees at Bio-IT World Conference and Expo taking place in Boston.

At the luncheon session titled “Optimized Scaling for NGS: Transfer, Storage and Archiving,” Feitelberg will discuss the IT challenges arising from the exponential growth of NGS data. He will cover innovative, enterprise-grade solutions that organizations are using to reduce their NGS footprint by up to 90 percent. With big data becoming a critical bottleneck in the development of genomic medicine, Feitelberg will discuss ways to make the giant datasets from sequencing more manageable, and therefore more accessible, through the application of lossless compression.

“With a single whole human genome (WGS) generating approximately 300GB of raw, uncompressed data, it is critical to address the hurdles we face in managing and using this information,” said Feitelberg. “Organizations need to seamlessly access all available data, wherever it is sequenced or stored, to solve rare disease cases, drive breakthrough discoveries, and tailor treatments.”

The luncheon session will take place at 12:50 pm on Thursday, May 25 at the Seaport World Trade Center. For more information about Geneformics, visit

About Geneformics

Geneformics is a technology leader in genomic data management and compression. Based on proprietary technology co-developed by the company’s bioinformaticians, computer engineers and the Weizmann Institute, Geneformics makes genomic data accessible by mitigating the complexity of massive data sets. The company’s solutions are implemented globally to optimize data transfer, storage and archiving, enabling the positive impact of precision. With offices in Silicon Valley and Israel, Geneformics is backed by international venture capital.

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