Filtrona Fibertec GmbH Introduces Transorb(R) SCM - High THC Release Saliva Collection Media for Oral Fluid Diagnostics, Drug of Abuse Testing

Published: Jul 09, 2007

RICHMOND, Va., July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Filtrona Fibertec, manufacturer of custom fluid handling components and a division of UK-based Filtrona plc, has developed a next generation saliva collection media for drug-of-abuse and other oral fluid diagnostics applications. Independent testing confirms that Transorb SCM achieves analyte recovery of 95% at low concentration for THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) the active ingredient in marijuana. Transorb SCM [Saliva Collection Media] represents yet another innovation by Filtrona Fibertec in the area of specialty medical diagnostics components.

The benefits of diagnostics through saliva are many, including ease of collection and patient comfort, compared to diagnostics with other bodily fluids such as urine and blood. The most prominent oral fluid applications today include drug-of-abuse, infectious disease such as HIV, and hormone testing.

To date, challenges have been with the poor release of test analytes from the saliva collection device. Conventional collection media often capture but retain the analytes targeted for diagnosis, discrediting the test. For drugs- of-abuse testing, the most widespread application, the poor release of THC has been a significant impediment to greater market acceptance.

Transorb SCM, a new saliva collection media from Filtrona Fibertec, overcomes many of these limitations and offers a step forward for improved use of saliva as a diagnostic fluid medium. Transorb SCM achieves high THC recovery in the 95th percentile at low concentration without buffer, suggesting it as the most effective material yet developed for the collection and release of THC and other substances found in saliva for drug-of-abuse testing.

Moreover, Transorb SCM is amenable to consistent and reproducible success in the collection and release of analytes borne in oral fluids for most other applications, all to which the product may be custom engineered. This new product is soft and compressible for patient comfort and sample integrity, structurally sound, and made of food-grade materials.

For more information, please contact Matt Robida at 804-518-1017.

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