Ethicon's BIOPATCH Protective Disk With CHG Meets New CDC Recommendation and Continues as the Standard of Care to Reduce Intravascular Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infections


Chlorhexidine-impregnated (CGI) Dressings Receive Highest Recommendation from CDC for Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-related Infections


SOMERVILLE, N.J., Nov. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Ethicon, part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies,** announced today that specific Chlorhexidine-impregnated (CGI) dressings have received the strongest evidence-based recommendation in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated guideline on Use of Chlorhexidine Impregnated (CGI) Dressings for Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-Related Infections. BIOPATCH® Protective Disk with CHG meets the updated CDC recommendation requirements, and continues as the standard of care for reducing intravascular catheter-related blood stream infections. BIOPATCH® is the only IV dressing proven in multiple meta-analyses and randomized controlled trials to reduce risk of central line associated bloodstream infections in patients with central and arterial lines.

The new CDC guideline says: "For patients aged 18 years and older: Chlorhexidine-impregnated dressings with an FDA-cleared label that specifies a clinical indication for reducing catheter-related bloodstream infection (CRBSI) or catheter-associated bloodstream infection (CABSI) are recommended to protect the insertion site of short-term, non-tunneled central venous catheters (1A)."1 The updated recommendation has been designated Category 1A - the highest level of CDC recommendation for implementation supported by high to moderate quality evidence suggesting net clinical benefits.

Leading infection control specialist and President of Jason and Jarvis Associates, LLC, William Jarvis M.D says, "I support the CDC's revised recommendations for the use of chlorhexidine impregnated dressings on intravascular catheter insertion sites to prevent CRBSIs. The committee now aligns with the breadth of evidence-based data documenting the prevention benefit of CHG-impregnated sponge dressings, and BIOPATCH® holds an FDA indication to reduce CRBSIs in patients with central and arterial lines."

In the United States, approximately 250,000 CRBSIs are estimated to occur each year. These infections have shown to carry a high mortality rate of 12-25%, and extend hospital stays. The non-inflation-adjusted attributable cost has been found to vary from $3,700 to $39,000 per episode2 with as much as $129,000 in additional billed costs3.

"The revised CDC recommendation reinforces the importance of choosing products with an 'FDA-cleared indication'1 to reduce CRSBI, a criterion BIOPATCH has held for over 20 years," says Renee Odehnal, Manager of Professional Education for BIOPATCH. "As shown in more than a dozen randomized controlled trials, BIOPATCH, which is cited by multiple professional organizations provides strong, evidence-based infection risk reduction."

The updated CDC guideline supports the position of other thought leading organizations, including the Society of Healthcare Epidemiologists of America (SHEA), Infusion Nurses Society (INS), Oncology Nurses Society (ONS), and American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) on the positive impact of an evidence-based CHG sponge dressing with an "FDA-cleared indication"1 to reduce the incidence of catheter related blood stream infections.

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Dr. Jarvis is a consultant for Ethicon.

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