eMolecules, Inc. and Enamine Ltd. Announce New eCommerce Service for 1,200,000 Chemicals

Published: Jul 14, 2009

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - July 13, 2009) -

eMolecules, Inc., provider of the world's largest chemical structures search engine, and Enamine, provider of the world's largest commercially available collection of chemical libraries, announce the release of a new eCommerce service for Enamine's Discovery Collection at: http://enamine.emolecules.com/

The new chemistry eCommerce service combines a powerful chemical structure search engine with Enamine's unmatched expertise in supporting drug discovery research with the most diverse compound collection for screening, worldwide logistics and delivery in record time. Molecules in the Discovery Collection meet the most stringent requirements for novelty and drug-likeness. The eCommerce service includes structure and substructure searches, shopping cart selection of structures and quantities, checkout and order management, making the process of buying molecules as easy as buying books online.

"Enamine is uniquely positioned to benefit from eMolecules' online structure search and eCommerce tools to streamline users' access to their Discovery Collection Screening Library. Our objective is to enable chemical professionals around the globe to gain better access to innovative molecules delivered to their doorsteps in a matter of days," said Klaus Gubernator, eMolecules CEO. "Our ongoing focus is to deliver the world's most powerful eCommerce tools to chemistry suppliers and researchers around the world."

About eMolecules

eMolecules, Inc. has created the world's leading open-access chemical structure search engine at www.emolecules.com. eMolecules has rapidly become the world's most popular chemical structure search engine, distinguished by fast results, ease of use, and extensive reference information. eMolecules provides chemistry web hosting and eCommerce solutions for suppliers of research chemicals and publishers of scientific information.

About Enamine

Enamine Ltd is a leading supplier of chemical building blocks, screening libraries, focused libraries and custom chemistry. With over 300 chemists located in Kiev, Ukraine, Enamine maintains more than 30,000 diverse building blocks and 1.2 million diverse screening compounds in stock for immediate delivery to pharma and biotech companies. They also have kinase, GPCR, protease and ion channel focused libraries to support targeted screening and a first rate custom chemistry group which provides proprietary lead optimization on a fee for service or FTE basis.

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