Emerald BioStructures and ChemDiv, Inc. Establish Co-Marketing Collaboration

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA and SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - March 28, 2011) -

Emerald BioStructures, Inc. (Emerald) and ChemDiv, Inc. (ChemDiv) today announced the formation of a strategic drug discovery and development alliance which will provide biotech and pharmaceutical companies with fully integrated structure based small molecule discovery services, from gene to clinic. This collaboration enhances both companies' portfolios of offerings to their customers and creates synergistic effects by delivering high quality services and best value to the industry.

Both companies are highly accomplished contract research organizations (CROs) dedicated to helping their customers discover new therapies based on insights into the modulation of biological targets by small molecule ligands.

Emerald offers a comprehensive range of gene-to-lead services for structure based drug discovery. Emerald solves hundreds of new X-ray crystal structures each year. Emerald also offers an innovative fragment-based lead discovery platform, including the Fragments of Life™ library and full biophysical assay support (NMR, X-ray, SPR and others). ChemDiv provides continued access to expertise in chemistry and biology, including but not limited to the world's largest commercially available library of 1.5M drug-like compounds and its powerful Chemistry-on-Demand platform as well as support for hit-to-lead, lead optimization, PK, ADMET, scale-up, formulation and other pre-clinical and clinical development studies. Partnership with ChemDiv will provide an access to broad bioscreening and assay development platforms, CMC, formulation and API capabilities, pharmacology and translational research focused on oncology, CNS, CV/metabolics, inflammation and anti-infective and rare disease therapeutic areas.

The collaboration announced today establishes a strategic preferred partner co-marketing relationship which allows ChemDiv's clients to access Emerald's structural biology expertise in solving challenging protein targets. Emerald's clients can now benefit from the full range of ChemDiv's discovery and development services. The companies will utilize their distinctive translational and fully integrated drug discovery and development platform to support collaborative efforts.

"This partnership allows both companies to provide a more multidisciplinary service offering to clients in the pre-clinical stages of the drug discovery pipeline," said Lance Stewart, Ph.D., CEO of Emerald BioStructures.

"We see this as an exciting and significant development for ChemDiv as for some years now we have recognized Emerald BioStructures as worldwide leaders in gene-to-structure research, fragment screening, and structure-based drug design," said Ilya Okun, Vice President of Biology and CTO at ChemDiv. "The ChemDiv and Emerald capabilities complement each other and bring together a unique combination of innovative technologies to improve drug discovery and development efforts. This collaboration demonstrates the commitment of both companies to further improve customer experiences. It sets a new standard in alliances between collaborative research organizations and accelerates the development of novel drugs for patients."

About Emerald BioStructures:
Emerald BioStructures is an integrated gene-to-structure contract research organization (CRO) that provides collaborative drug discovery services to pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, academic institutions, and government facilities. The company operates a high-throughput platform leveraged for fragment-based lead discovery and structure-based drug design. Emerald's work provides a solid foundation for the discovery of highly selective, efficacious drugs.

About ChemDiv, Inc.:
ChemDiv collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotech partners by enabling them to accelerate their R&D programs to higher value clinical inflection points. ChemDiv is the only vertically and horizontally integrated discovery and development CRO headquartered in San Diego, CA, with: rational drug design and medicinal chemistry in a broad range of therapeutic areas of target classes; world's largest small molecule inventory; working with 20 top pharma and 100 top biotechs in all major markets. With its successful 20 years business record in life sciences and over 500 research associates equivalent employed globally ChemDiv has successfully prosecuted fully integrated programs from target to Proof of Concept (POC) and market registration.

Emerald BioStructures
Lance Stewart
7869 NE Day Road West
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Ronald Demuth
SVP & General Manager
ChemDiv, Inc.
6605 Nancy Ridge Drive
San Diego, CA 92121

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