Emerald Bio Makes Imagination the Only Limit to Protein Purification

Published: Apr 03, 2013

BEDFORD, MA – April 3, 2013 – Emerald Bio, the protein resource, provides biochemists and other scientists new power and freedom to create unlimited types of protein purification methods for drug discovery using its new ProteinMaker™ 2.0 software. The new software is a free, downloadable upgrade for existing users with a service contract. It is installed in all new ProteinMaker™ instruments.

“Customers now have full control over all hardware components, so they can either follow our successful pre-loaded protocols, or easily set up their own with an unlimited number of steps,” said Laura Sailor, Emerald Bio’s vice president of marketing and sales. “Imagination is their limitation.”

Emerald Bio’s latest ProteinMaker™ software has a simulation mode that lets researchers invent, test, edit and archive new protein purification methods. In addition, the software upgrade includes Emerald Bio’s innovative methods library. Besides enabling full control over the instrument’s syringe pumps, valves and robotic XYZ gantry, the new software upgrade gives scientists the ability to pause any process whenever they want. The instrument easily adapts to a user’s unique needs.

Pre-loaded or custom workflows are engaged with a new two-click quick start so even inexperienced researchers can operate this powerful instrument with ease. The ProteinMaker™ requires minimal training, unlike competitive protein-purification instruments. Emerald Bio provides free ProteinMaker™ training for all customers with an active service contract.

The ProteinMaker™ is the workhorse used by pharmacology and diagnostics laboratories worldwide to quickly purify large quantities of proteins and antibodies. It relieves bottlenecks in protein purification because of its capacity to process 24 separate samples in parallel (as many as 192 purifications a day), enabling the use of experimental strategies to achieve very pure proteins. It is the most efficient, high-throughput system on the market for expression analysis, lysis scouting, 1-100+ mg production, no-risk scale-up, mutational analysis, Fab purification, and antigen production.

Scientists can schedule Internet-based demonstrations of the ProteinMaker™ with its new capabilities by calling 603-686-9300 or emailing a request to learnmore@embios.com.

ProteinMaker™ 2.0 software upgrade showing its manual control window.

About Emerald Bio

Emerald Bio is the world’s leading protein resource, offering consultations, instruments, reagents and software to solve clients’ protein-science challenges. For 14 years Emerald Bio has leveraged its unique assets and know-how in biochemistry and structural biology to provide clients insights into proteins’ structure and function to improve human health. Emerald Bio supports leading research institutes and therapeutic and diagnostic companies worldwide that wrestle life science challenges. Privately owned, the company has facilities in Seattle and Boston. www.embios.com

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