Edinburgh Instruments Ltd Release: Microscope Enhancement for Fluorescence Spectrometers

Published: Feb 12, 2013

Edinburgh Instruments, Photonics Division, Livingston, UK, 12 February 2013; The addition of a combined microscope and imaging camera to Edinburgh Photonics’ FLS980 and FLS920 ranges of photoluminecence spectrometers further enhances the capabilities of these powerful instruments. The microscope-camera combination allows measurement of specific points within a sample and for imaging with monochromatic excitation/illumination.

Either upright or inverted microscopes from leading microscope manufacturers can be coupled to the spectrometers via optical fibres. Imaging is possible with widefield excitation or in spot mode with approximately 1um spatial resolution. Cameras are available for both visible and NIR regions up to 1700nm, and all microscopes and cameras can be retrofitted to the spectrometers.

The FLS980 and FLS920 are high performance photoluminescence spectrometers using single photon counting techniques for steady state and lifetime measurements in fluorescence and phosphorescence. The spectrometer software provides full control of microscope, including automated microscope stage scanning and data acquisition for mapping.

A choice of configurations provides measurement versatility. Spectral scanning of large areas is possible using widefield epi-illumination, or of much smaller areas using lasers for excitation. Fluorescence or phosphorescence time resolved measurements can also be made in widefield or spot mode.

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