eAssist Dental Solutions Named on Utah Business' Fast 50 List: Companies Celebrated for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit


NEW YORK,  /PRNewswire/ -- During its annual event, Utah Business recently unveiled their list of Utah state's fastest growing companies. The Fast 50 placed eAssist Dental Solutions (https://dentalbilling.com/) at number 27, securing the dental billing service's continued reputation as a unique problem solver for modern dental practices.

A proven combination of smart technology, dental practice knowledge and strategic partnerships have all helped eAssist Dental Solutions receive the respected Fast 50 accolade. eAssist tackles many of the problems surrounding low insurance-collections ratios with a dental insurance billing system that is multi-tiered and second to none. eAssist helps an ever-growing list of practices gross and net more revenue from insurance companies each year.

eAssist focuses on the primary goal of helping offices collect all of the insurance money that is rightfully owed to them, despite lengthy and complicated insurance claims filing. To this effect, eAssist offers two services that specifically target accounts receivables: a Dental Insurance Billing Service and the Patient Accounts Receivable Management add-on service.

The main features of the Billing Service include:

  • EOBs that are posted daily. All insurance payments and insurance contract adjustments are accurately posted to the patient ledgers within 24 hours of being scanned by dental associates.
  • All denied claims are reviewed. If a claim is denied, eAssist will immediately investigate the cause and file an appeal if at all possible. This ensures that each claim collects as much revenue as possible.
  • Unsent procedures are verified. eAssist regularly corrects the oversite of insurance claims that are not created in a timely manner.
  • Primary and secondary claims submitted daily. All dental insurance claims are electronically submitted on a daily basis. Preauthorizations are sent to insurance companies as requested (Medicaid preauthorizations are not included). Practices still using paper claims are assisted with setting up electronic submissions, at no additional cost.
  • Electronic attachments are used whenever available. To decrease the volume of hard copy and increase ease of filing, electronic attachments will always be sent for claims whenever available. If insurance companies will not accept electronic attachments, eAssist will process a paper attachment through the mail, asking only to be reimbursed for postage.
  • eAssist gathers any needed, missing information. Patient family files are often incomplete, causing claims to be denied after 30 days if omissions are not initially caught. Two or three instances of this a week within a single practice begin to add up quickly. eAssist proactively contacts patients to reduce instances of missing, vital information that can hold up claims processing.

eAssist can also provide offices with a dedicated phone number for patients to call whenever they have account balance questions, and the Patient Accounts Receivable Management add-on essentially allows practices to completely outsource their billing. eAssist can help offices collect on past-due copays by offering:

  • Patient ledger audits.
  • Customized letters requesting payment sent to individual patients.
  • Phone calls to patients with outstanding balances.
  • Bad debts sent to collections agencies.
  • Electronic statements.
  • Generated daily summary emails and weekly accountability reports.

These are just a few of the services that represent the dedication to excellence and attention to detail which have made eAssist an indispensable part of the modern dental practice.

"I'm proud that eAssist continues to receive distinctions which validate our team's hard work. Such dedication is ultimately the reason for our company's continued success. We are also happy to find that our efforts continue to be noticed. It motivates us to move forward, doing what we do best: provide an important and vital service to a growing dental industry," said CEO James Anderson, D.M.D.

About eAssist Dental Solutions

eAssist Dental Solutions is America's leading provider of virtual insurance billing services for dental offices. The company's end-to-end solution eases the burden on office staff, while optimizing the claims payment and appeals process. eAssist ultimately helps practices be more efficient, profitable and customer-focused. Learn more at: https://dentalbilling.com/.


Jaycee Brown

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