Cyntellect, Inc. Technology for Stem Cell Processing Used by Researchers from Harvard University and Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Published: Mar 01, 2010

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cyntellect, Inc., a privately-held life sciences company commercializing products to advance the study of cell biology, stem cell research, biopharmaceutical production, and drug discovery, has entered into an agreement with Harvard University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to provide their researchers with the LEAP™ Cell Processing Workstation. The LEAP Workstation is an award-winning, microplate-based cytometry system used for in situ cell analysis, purification, and processing that will give these researchers the ability to conduct research across a broad spectrum of stem cell related projects. The LEAP Workstation allows rapid and automated physical passaging of stem cells and consistent embryoid body generation, in addition to unique in situ cell purification protocols.

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