co.don AG Accepts Invitation From Boston Biotech Conferences To Attend NY/NJ CEO Meeting In New York

Published: Nov 02, 2016

Berlin / Teltow, 02.11.2016 - Dirk Hessel, CEO of co.don AG, will be attending the NY/NJ CEO meeting organised by Boston Biotech Conferences in New York on 2 and 3 November 2016.

Attendance at the Boston Biotech Conferences event is by invitation only and gives managers and decision-makers in the life sciences sector, as well as biotechnology entrepreneurs, venture capital fund managers, analysts and healthcare investors the opportunity to network, share ideas and discuss market challenges and opportunities.

Dirk Hessel: "In autumn next year we are expecting EU marketing authorisation for our main product, but we also see great potential for our innovative therapeutic options in the US, the world's biggest market for orthopaedics. The main aim of my visit is to get an overview of the current trends in our industry and to establish initial contacts with the potential for further international expansion."

Among other things, the NY/NJ CEO conference will look at development prospects and market trends in the biotech and pharma sectors, financing innovations and partnership opportunities.

About co.don® AG: Berlin-based co.don AG develops, produces and markets in Germany autologous cell therapies for the minimally invasive repair of cartilage damage to joints following traumatic or degenerative defects. co.don condrosphere® is a cell therapy product that uses only the patient's own cartilage cells ("autologous chondrocytes"). co.don condrosphere® has been approved by the German federal agency PEI in accordance with Section 4b of the German Pharmaceuticals Act (AMG) and is currently undergoing Phase II and III clinical trials to obtain European marketing authorisation. co.don condrosphere® has been used for more than 10 years in over 120 clinics to treat more than 10,000 patients. In Germany the statutory health insurance companies have paid for the treatment of knee and hip joints since 2007 and for the treatment of vertebral joints since 2008. The shares in co.don AG are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A1K0227). Executive Board: Dirk Hessel (CEO), Ralf M. Jakobs (CFO).

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