Clinilabs, Inc. and Ambulatory Monitoring. Inc., Form Strategic Alliance - Merging the Most Respected Name in Activity Monitoring Equipment with the World's Leading Core Laboratory

Published: Jun 21, 2011

New York, NY (June 21, 2011) – Clinilabs, a full-service contract research organization that provides early-phase and specialty clinical drug development services to industry, has entered into a strategic alliance with Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc. (AMI), a medical device and service company.

AMI, located in Ardsley, NY, is a leader in providing innovative and high quality equipment for monitoring physiological functioning in ambulatory subjects. The company’s series of Motionlogger® Actigraphs were the first commercial devices for 24-hour monitoring of activity and sleep and have been validated through use in hundreds of studies in numerous clinical populations. AMI’s activity monitors can be applied in clinical trials of therapeutics for sleep, psychiatric, pain, hyperactivity, dermatologic (e.g., itch), and cardiovascular disorders, among others. AMI also provides the original PVT-192 Psychomotor Vigilance Task Monitor (“PVT”), a measure of vigilant attention that has become the dominant assay used in sleep deprivation studies.

The alliance brings together AMI’s instrumentation with Clinilabs’ core laboratory, a leading provider of centralized data management for multicenter clinical trials. Clinilabs’ core laboratory aggregates and processes electrocardiographic (ECG), polysomnographic (PSG), electroencephalographic (EEG), and electromyographic (EMG) data for clinical studies, offering pharmaceutical companies centralized services that standardize data obtained in multicenter trials. Centralized actigraphy has been offered jointly by Clinilabs and AMI since 2005, paving the way for a strategic alliance that merges the industry’s most respected names in actigraphic monitoring with an industry leader in global centralized data management.

According to Mr. Thomas Kazlausky, President of AMI, “The alliance between AMI and Clinilabs provides a unique service that allows pharmaceutical companies to include activity monitoring in trials at reasonable cost, offering the best service model in the industry today.” Dr. Gary Zammit, President and CEO of Clinilabs adds: “We look forward to serving our clients as they increasingly rely on ambulatory monitoring of vital functions in clinical trials.”

About Clinilabs Inc.

Clinilabs is a full-service contract research organization (CRO) that provides early-phase and specialty clinical drug development services to industry. Clinilabs is recognized globally as a leading CRO in CNS, endocrine/metabolic, and cardiac safety studies, and has made important contributions to eleven successful new drug applications (NDAs) since 2001, For more information, please visit

About Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc.

Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc. (“AMI”), founded in 1970 by the late William Gruen, is owned and operated under the direction of its President Thomas Kazlausky and its Vice President Linda Tavolacci. In business for over 40 years, AMI is the provider of innovative ambulatory medical instrumentation and customer service. Its product line includes the Inductotrace System (formerly Respitrace); the PVT-192 Psychomotor Vigilance Task Monitor (“PVT”); and Motionlogger Actigraphs. To learn more visit AMI’s website at

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