Cerionx, Inc. Expands Into FLIPR(TM) Market

Published: May 17, 2006

Cerionx today announced its agreement with Black Dog Technical Services (Raleigh, NC) to install and service its TipCharger(TM) Systems on fluorometric imaging plate readers installed in biopharmaceutical research laboratories. The TipCharger System allows labs to clean and then reuse polypropylene pipet tips, offering a significant process improvement and cost savings.

Fluorometric imaging plate readers (trademarked and sold as FLIPR(TM) systems by Molecular Devices Corporation) offer high-throughput screening (HTS) labs the ability to do simultaneous liquid transfer, multi-wavelength kinetic reading and internal plate handling. These features enable accurate and reliable data collection and analysis that simplifies the identification of hits and/or lead optimization, but users often face challenges with traditional tip washing protocols and technology. Many FLIPR users currently avoid the potential of problems resulting from washing with water or solvents by disposing of expensive, plastic tips after a single use.

Black Dog staff will install Cerionx' patented TipCharger Systems in FLIPR cabinets so that pipet tips can be cleaned with "cold" dry atmospheric pressure plasma and reused. Plasma cleaning permits plastic tips to be reused without fear of sample carryover, and users enjoy a simplified tip cleaning process, improved assay throughput and lower costs.

"Black Dog's application, installation and integration expertise in the highly specialized FLIPR market combined with their strong service orientation were the basis of our decision to embark on this partnership together," stated Jeb Connor, Chairman and CEO, Cerionx. "Tom Leen and his team understand the needs of these users and we look forward to demonstrating how our innovative plasma cleaning technology can optimize FLIPR productivity."

About Cerionx

Cerionx, Inc. is a technology company dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art products for laboratory research applications. Cerionx' patented low temperature ("cold") atmospheric pressure plasma process is used on-line and in-process in drug discovery labs as a safe, reliable and efficient alternative to the expensive and time-consuming washing procedures for cleaning pipet tips used in automated liquid transfer. The TipCharger System revolutionizes liquid handling processes and greatly enhances operational efficiency. It speeds run time, generates no hazardous waste and produces high-quality results without contamination. It can be incorporated on existing as well as new automated liquid handling platforms.

More information about Cerionx and the TipCharger System can be found on the company's Web site at: http://www.cerionx.com.

The TipCharger System is protected by multiple U.S. Patents and other patents pending. The TipCharger mark and design, Cerionx mark and design, and TipCharger by Cerionx mark and design are trademarks owned by Cerionx, Inc.

Source: Cerionx, Inc.

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