Cabrellis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Initiates Phase II Study Of Calsed(TM) In Small Cell Lung Cancer

Published: Jun 05, 2006

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 5, 2006--Cabrellis Pharmaceuticals Corporation today announced the initiation of a phase II clinical trial of its totally synthetic, next-generation anthracycline, Calsed(TM) (amrubicin), in small cell lung cancer (SCLC). This phase II study is an open-label, randomized trial designed to assess the safety and efficacy of Calsed(TM) in reference to topotecan in the second-line treatment of patients with SCLC who previously responded to platinum-based chemotherapy. Cabrellis will conduct the study at multiple clinical centers in the United States through the US Oncology network and at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center of Johns Hopkins University.

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