BurstIQ Announces Partnership with FlowMetric Life Sciences to bring Blockchain to Personalized Medicine

DENVER, March 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- BurstIQ, Inc., a leading healthcare blockchain data company, announced today that the company has entered into a partnership with FlowMetric Life Sciences, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based provider of specialty flow cytometry services and personalized testing products. BurstIQ will provide end-to-end data management on the company's blockchain-based big data platform.

FlowMetric's enterprise-level deployment of the BurstIQ blockchain platform marks a first for the life sciences, biotech and pharmaceutical industry. With the initial deployment focused on FlowMetric's direct-to-consumer line of testing products, the BurstIQ blockchain platform will allow the company to provide consumers of its personalized testing products with better data security, direct control over their own testing results and the ability to control how that information is shared and used. The full suite of personalized medicine products, which will include chromosomal age tests, toxicity, oxidative stress, inflammation and more, will utilize BurstIQ's digital token-based monetization engine (Token: BIQ) and be available through the BurstIQ health marketplace.

Future phases of the partnership will bring BurstIQ's proprietary blockchain platform and its advanced machine intelligence layer to FlowMetric's Fortune 500 pharmaceutical customers, enabling secure and auditable chain of custody tracking for customer samples and data as well as secure data exchange between FlowMetric and its enterprise customers.

"Blockchain is a game-changer," says Ren Capocasale, CEO of FlowMetric. "The BurstIQ platform will allow us to offer a level of service to both our enterprise and individual customers that is truly best in class. In addition, it opens new distribution and partnership channels that allow us to accelerate our growth."

Loretta Joseph, Strategic Advisor to OECD and Board Director for FlowMetric, noted, "The partnership between FlowMetric and BurstIQ will change the landscape of data management within the biopharma sector. Adopting BurstIQ's blockchain platform will place FlowMetric at the forefront of the industry in terms of data security and management."

Frank Ricotta, CEO of BurstIQ, commented, "We're thrilled to partner with FlowMetric. Our partnership with them will create the first cryptocurrency-enabled personalized medicine marketplace for consumers. In addition, we will be able to successfully demonstrate how blockchain solves the institutional data challenges impacting the biopharma sector. It opens the door for an entirely new way of doing business."

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About BurstIQ ™

BurstIQ ™ is a leading healthcare blockchain data company. The company offers a HIPAA-compliant enterprise-level health data platform that seamlessly leverages blockchain technology, big data capabilities and machine intelligence. The core platform enables both individuals and healthcare organizations to securely manage and control their data. The platform also provides for a next-generation data marketplace through which individuals and businesses can monetize their data, offer and discover personalized products and services, provide value-added B2B services and much more. The BurstIQ platform and data marketplace work together to improve security and control of health data, increase health access and equity, reduce healthcare costs, and enable data-driven insights, products and care models.

Currently, BurstIQ services major healthcare institutions, B2B and B2C service providers, unions, government agencies and sovereign nations.

For more information visit: www.burstiq.com | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

About FlowMetric™

The FlowMetric Life Sciences™ family of companies is driven to provide Flow Cytometry Solutions in Precision Medicine. FlowMetric and its European affiliate, FlowMetric Europe are leading Contract Research Organizations in the delivery of high-complexity, polychromatic flow cytometry and cell sorting services to the Global life sciences industry, with an uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation. FlowMetric Diagnostics is translating this expertise into advanced wellness solutions for a better life.

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