Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Hep. C Trial Change Has Big Implications

Published: Jun 20, 2012

Is a promising new class of drugs for treating hepatitis C going to be limited because patients with the most common genotype of the virus are likely to develop resistance to the medications? This is the possibility raised by a Wall Street analyst after learning that Bristol-Myers Squibb last week altered the protocol for a clinical trial for its daclatasvir antiviral, which is believed to be the most potent in the forthcoming NS5a class of hepatitis c treatments. According to, the drugmaker changed the protocol to its COMMAND-3 trial, which compares its drug in combination with interferon and ribavirin to Incivek, a protease inhibitor sold by Vertex Pharmaceuticals, along with interferon and ribavarin. What was the change? Bristol-Myers restricted future enrollment to patients who have only genotype 1b HCV, rather than all genotype 1 patients.

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