Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Abandons Three R&D Areas, Slashes 70+ Jobs

Published: Nov 11, 2013

Bristol-Myers is cutting jobs but others are hiring right now! Check it out! (Isn't it tempting?)

Bristol-Myers Squibb has laid off as many as 20 people in its clinical development/operations group at ZymoGenetics in Seattle as part of a companywide R&D restructuring, Xconomy has learned. New York-based Bristol-Myers acquired ZymoGenetics for about $885 million in October 2010, and pledged a few months later to retain the remaining 275 employees at the Seattle biotech company. Bristol-Myers allowed the local operation keep its landmark headquarters, the former City Light Steam Plant, and its ZymoGenetics identity and brand logo on the sign above the door on Eastlake Avenue East.

Don't forget, hundreds of biopharma companies are hiring! (We know you can't resist.)

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