BIOLIFE4D Names Pharmaceutical Veteran Kate Lewis as PresidentCompany’s first female executive to lead commercialization efforts of BIOLIFE4D’s live-saving 3D bioprinting technologies

CHICAGO, Sept. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BIOLIFE4D, a biotech pioneer leveraging advances in tissue engineering to 3D print human organs viable for transplant, today announced it has named Kate Lewis as President of the company. She joined BIOLIFE4D full time in early 2019 in a market and business development role before being elevated as the first female executive in Company history.

Lewis brings more than 25 years of experience and relationships from within the pharmaceutical, transplantation, and regulatory industries. Prior to BIOLIFE4D, she founded Nottingham Associates, a consulting firm focused on strategic client solutions for life science and pharmaceutical companies. Her work included refining market development initiatives within pharma, research and advocacy organizations, and medical associations, helping to build strategic brand awareness while optimizing performance outcomes.

“This is such an exciting time for BIOLIFE4D, and I’m thrilled to accept the challenge of leading the Company into its first growth stage, toward commercialization of our pioneering 3D bioprinting technologies,” said Lewis. “From treatments like valve replacement and cardiac patches, to full-on heart transplants, to clinical research and testing – the market for 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering technologies has never been more significant. We’re excited to continue pushing our technology forward to make organ replacement a safe, accessible, and affordable reality.”

Lewis received her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and Business from Ball State University and San Diego University respectively and has participated in Executive Leadership Programs at Harvard University.

“We are pleased to name Kate as both the first President and female executive of BIOLIFE4D. Since the day she joined the Company in 2019 she has proven to be as knowledgeable as she is passionate, and her leadership has helped to shape our commercialization strategy moving forward,” said Steven Morris, CEO, BIOLIFE4D. “Kate’s background within the pharmaceutical, medical device and transplantation industries make her the ideal individual to push our Company forward as we pursue commercialization to bring our technology to the masses, and we are excited to continue under her leadership.”

Last year BIOLIFE4D successfully demonstrated the ability to 3D bioprint its prototype mini-heart, a scaled down version of a native human heart with limited functionality, and is now focused on refining its technology as it aims for commercialization – particularly with significant potential within applications for COVID-19 therapy and vaccine development.

BIOLIFE4D’s own innovative 3D bioprinting process provides the ability to reprogram a patient’s own (white) blood cells to iPS cells, and then to differentiate those iPS cells into different types of cardiac cells needed to 3D bioprint individual cardiac components and ultimately a human heart viable for transplant. This means BIOLIFE4D will 3D bioprint using cardiac cells derived from the patient’s own cells to create living, viable constructs without the risk of rejection which faces current donor organ recipients.

The Company has developed proprietary bioinks using a very specific composition of different extracellular matrix compounds that closely replicate the properties of the mammalian heart. Further, it has developed a novel and unique bioprinting algorithm, consisting of printing parameters optimized for the whole heart. Coupling its proprietary bioink with patient-derived cardiomyocytes and its enabling bioprinting technology, BIOLIFE4D is currently focused on its mini-heart which, while smaller in size, will replicate many of the features of a human heart. With this platform technology in place, BIOLIFE4D is well-positioned to build upon this platform and work towards the development of a full-scale human heart.


BIOLIFE4D is a pioneering biotech company laser focused on leveraging advances in life sciences and tissue engineering to 3D bioprint a viable human heart suitable for transplant – lifesaving technology that gives patients the gift of time. With BIOLIFE4D, a patient-specific, fully functioning heart will be created through 3D bioprinting using the patient’s own cells – eliminating the well-known challenges of organ rejection and long donor waiting lists that plague existing organ transplant methods. Financed through equity crowdfunding, BIOLIFE4D is driving a movement to transform the treatment of heart disease, the leading cause of death among both men and women globally. Learn more at Connect with us on social media on Twitter (@BIOLIFE4D), Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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