Biohaven Commences Clinical Testing Of BHV-4157

TORONTO, July 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ - Portage Biotech Inc. ("Portage" or "the Company") (OTC: PTGEF, Canadian Securities Exchange: PBT.U), announces that Biohaven has begun dosing subjects in its first clinical trial to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinectics of BHV-4157. Biohaven received clearance from the FDA on its IND and permission to begin dosing in clinical trials. 

This initial clinical trial will evaluate the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of single and multiple ascending doses of BHV-4157. The study will explore a broad range of doses and results that will guide dosing in the upcoming randomized controlled trial of BHV-4157 in patients with spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA). Subject to these results, Biohaven plans to initiate a pivotal Phase III clinical trial in SCA before the end of the year.

In May, 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted the company's orphan drug designation request covering BHV-4157 for the treatment of Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA).  SCA is a rare, debilitating neurodegenerative disorder that is estimated to effect approximately 150,000 people in the United States alone. This represents an unmet medical need as the standard of care treatment is supportive with no medications currently approved for this debilitating condition.

Dr. Gregory Bailey, the Chairman of Portage commented, "I am very excited for Biohaven and for patients suffering with SCA. It is remarkable how fast the Biohaven team has been able to bring this brand new chemical entity to this point. I look forward to following the progress of 4157."

We encourage readers to refer to Biohaven's announcement in the matter dated July 20, 2016 for further information.

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