Avecia Biotechnology Inc. And TriLink Partner To Offer Seamless Scale-Up In Oligonucleotide Manufacturing

MILFORD, Mass. and SAN DIEGO, Feb. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Avecia Biotechnology and TriLink BioTechnologies Inc. have announced an alliance to offer customers seamless scale-up of manufacturing for the entire lifecycle of oligonucleotide-based drug discovery, development and commercialization. By adopting common technology platforms, Avecia and TriLink are offering an integrated management and technology solution that enables customers to easily transition from R&D and pre-clinical studies to clinical trials and beyond.

TriLink offers small-scale oligonucleotides for the discovery and pre-clinical stages of drug development to customers exploring a wide variety of DNA or RNA based therapies. Avecia is the leading GMP oligonucleotide manufacturer, at all scales, from clinical trials to product commercialization. The companies are partnering to provide customers with a unified manufacturing approach to ensure a seamless transition between the pre-clinical and clinical phases of drug development.

This alliance offers a straightforward solution for drug developers looking to minimize the challenges and risks associated with transitioning from a research-grade vendor to an oligonucleotide development service and manufacturing company. In an unprecedented move, TriLink and Avecia are harmonizing their processes, so customers can enjoy a smooth changeover when scaling up for clinical trials.

"Avecia and TriLink share similar high standards for customer service and quality, so Avecia has always been our top recommendation to customers preparing to scale up," said Dr. Richard Hogrefe, CEO and President of TriLink. "This alliance integrates our methods to give customers the most direct path from initial research to the clinic."

"We successfully transferred our technology to Trilink -- now, together, we'll be able to serve more clients in pre-clinical development and provide faster and smoother transfer into clinical development," added Detlef Rethage, President of Avecia Biotechnology Inc.

The use of common technology platforms, from pre-clinical to launched product, will enable oligonucleotide drug developers to benefit from regulatory simplicity, cost control, time savings and risk minimization, particularly in the important pre-clinical to clinical transition.

About Avecia

Avecia is the world leader in the development and manufacture of cGMP oligonucleotides for therapeutic applications. As one of the first companies established to serve this market, Avecia has over 10 years' experience in DNA, RNA, siRNA, Chimeras and Molecular Decoys. Our FDA-registered DNA Medicines facility, located in Milford, Massachusetts, manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) at a range of scales. Our quality systems assure that all materials used meet agency (FDA) regulations and patient safety requirements.

About TriLink

TriLink BioTechnologies, Inc. manufactures custom oligonucleotides, nucleoside triphosphates, and synthesis reagents to the research, diagnostic and OEM markets. In addition, it offers radiolabeling services for pharmacokinetic studies, custom chemistry and contract research services, and GMP production facilities for oligos and small molecules. TriLink's solutions help advance drug discovery and biomedical research. Founded in 1996, TriLink is based in San Diego, California, and employs approximately 40 scientists and other professionals.

TriLink BioTechnologies Inc.

CONTACT: TriLink BioTechnologies, +1-858-546-0004,media@trilinkbiotech.com; or Avecia Biotechnology, +1-508-482-7703,enquiries@avecia.com

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