Arthrex Launches, Devoted to Educating Patients with Chronic Ankle Injuries

New website focuses on patient education about the causes of recurring ankle sprains and potential treatment with InternalBrace™ ligament augmentation repair

NAPLES, Fla., March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Arthrex, a global leader in minimally invasive orthopedic technology, announced the launch of, the company's first patient-focused educational website dedicated to chronic ankle sprains and the innovative treatment options available to help patients get back to the activities they enjoy faster1 and stronger.2 focuses on patient education about recurring ankle sprains and their potential treatment options. was developed in collaboration with top foot and ankle surgeons across the U.S. and provides easily accessible information about chronic ankle instability—a condition characterized by ankle pain and repeated ankle sprains. The site also features information about InternalBrace ligament augmentation, a safe and effective treatment option.3 highlights the benefits of seeing an appropriate clinician for evaluation and provides a tool to help patients easily connect with foot and ankle specialists in their area.

"Anyone who has suffered from repeated ankle sprains knows how difficult it can be to find reliable information to help them return to an active lifestyle with confidence. Our goal with is to create an educational hub for those seeking information about the science of ankle instability, their potential treatment options and how they can connect with expert surgeons in their area," said Arthrex Senior Director of Distal Extremities and Trauma, Pete Denove.

Ankle sprains are the most common sports injury, with an estimated 2+ million occurring in the U.S. annually.4 For many, sprained ankles can lead to chronic instability and limit an active lifestyle. One in five people who have a lateral ankle sprain and one in three among athletic populations report having long-term ankle problems.5 6

Proven minimally invasive techniques, such as the InternalBrace procedure, help patients recover at an accelerated rate1 and return to the activities they enjoy. This innovative procedure helps protect surgically repaired ligaments in the ankle from reinjury and allows an immediate range of motion.1 Early post-surgery movement promotes healthy ligament healing that leads to a stronger, more stable ankle.7

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