Anemocyte Brings Italian Excellence in the Cell and Gene Therapy Sector to Phacilitate Leaders World 2020 in Miami

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Anemocyte, an innovative Italian company working in the field of cell and gene therapies, with special focus on plasmid production and non-viral gene modification approaches, attends Phacilitate Leaders World (Miami, 21-24 January 2020), a leading event for companies, professionals and investors working in the Advanced Therapy sector.
“Phacilitate Leaders World is an opportunity to take stock of this sector, which is in constant evolution”, states Marco Ferrari, CEO of Anemocyte. “We need to anticipate market demands and offer innovative, effective solutions and strategies".
Anemocyte is a key player and the first ever Biotech Manufacturing Organization (BMO) operating in the Life Science sector: Anemocyte helps CGT developers to articulate initial ideas, perform clinical trials and engage in commercial production. The BMO also develops technological platform strategies for innovative R&D, HQ and GMP processes.

Anemocyte is the leading Italian producer of gene therapy plasmids.
The brand-new Plasmid Manufacturing Unit – dedicated to producing plasmids for viral vectors – is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities. The company improved the production capacity (tripled the output since 2018): "In a market where production wait times are extremely long, Anemocyte is able to respond to requests quickly and with the highest quality standards,” states Stefano Baila, Director of Operations and Business Development at Anemocyte. “Anemocyte is a dynamic market player equipped with cutting-edge technologies and over ten years of expertise producing recombinant proteins; experience that it now exploits to produce plasmids – our core business. We are able to intercept market needs and offer punctual, effective and qualitatively competitive results”.

Non-viral: excellence in genetic modification
Following a strategic agreement with MaxCyte. Inc., Anemocyte is now a centre of excellence for electroporation technology and can support non-viral gene modification projects requiring both process development and GMP production.
The ability to modify cells genetically has exponentially increased the clinical use of cell-based medicines. Non-viral gene modification is an emerging trend in the delivery of nucleic acids to cells thanks to its reliability, safety and affordability. Electroporation technology is at the forefront of non-viral gene transfer for ex-vivo cell modifications.
The construction of a global non-viral gene transfer hub will see product developers exploit Anemocyte’s experience and MaxCyte’s technology.


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Source: Anemocyte

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