Akonni Biosystems to Present Results of Development on a TruTip Automated Solution for Extracting Cell-Free DNA From Maternal Plasma at American Society of Human Genetics Conference

Published: Oct 11, 2012

FREDERICK, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Akonni Biosystems, a life science tools/molecular diagnostics company, will present results of its work to develop an automated extraction method to isolate cell-free fetal DNA from maternal plasma, using its TruTipĀ® extraction products, at the ASHG conference in San Francisco on November 8. TruTip kits were recently released for extracting genomic DNA from smaller volumes of whole blood on the Hamilton Microlab STAR liquid handling workstation. The new application, transitioning from a manual approach, will combine larger 5mL TruTips with 1mL TruTips on the Hamilton Microlab STARplus system. The approach will combine, in a fully automated workflow, the ability to concentrate large-volume plasma samples, used for non-invasive prenatal diagnostics (NIPD), with selective enrichment for small DNA fragments.

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