Accelr8 Technology Corporation Announces Development Expansion for Blood-Based Diagnostic Tests

Published: Nov 22, 2011

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Accelr8 Technology Corporation (NYSE Amex: AXK) announced that it successfully completed two technical feasibility studies for test methods that expand its BACcel™ rapid diagnostic test library and automation capabilities. The first is a same-day multi-pathogen, multiple drug resistance diagnostic panel for positive blood cultures. Blood-borne infections produce extremely low bacterial or fungal counts in blood, so all blood tests require an overnight culture before testing. As with other specimen types, standard culture tests require colony isolation and then additional tests to identify pathogens and specific drug resistance expression. These require 2-3 additional days after obtaining a positive culture. Some of the new molecular diagnostic methods, such as mass spectrometry (“MALDI-TOF”), also require isolates and some require further sample extraction for best accuracy.

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