Society For Clinical Research Sites Applauds SPRIA Winner- DM Clinical Research

Ellicott City, M.D., October 15, 2014 – The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), the global trade organization fully dedicated to representing the interests of clinical research sites, announced at the annual Site Solutions Summit DM Clinical Research as the winner of the inaugural Site Patient Recruitment Innovation Award (SPRIA). The SPRIA winner was selected at the 2014 Site Solutions Summit, after the five finalist sites presented their enrollment plan, execution, and results to a panel of expert judges. This distinction signifies DM Clinical Research’s commitment to employing innovative, patient-directed initiatives to effectively achieve enrollment success.

Mohammad Millwala, CEO of DM Clinical Research, presented the enrollment results from a vaccine study at a pediatric site. Millwala opened the presentation by detailing the numerous challenges that offset the study, and explained how his team managed to overcome these obstacles to achieve, and exceed, their enrollment goal of 50 subjects. SCRS President Christine Pierre states, “SCRS is proud to launch the SPRIA at the 2014 Site Solutions Summit. This award is designed to recognize the site who demonstrates the greatest innovation in enrollment in a particular study, and each of the five finalists presented innovative, patient-centric approaches to recruitment. SCRS sincerely congratulates DM Clinical Research, the 2014 SPRIA winner.”

“A meticulous patient-centric recruitment plan—formulated three months prior to first-patient-in, and reassessed and re-calibrated continuously through the study enrollment—combined with the focus and persistence of our site study team were key to our success,” commented Millwala. “We appreciate the role of SCRS in providing a platform for sites to share their best-practices and learn from each other. The entire DM Clinical Research family is deeply honored and excited to bring this award home.”

The Site Solutions Summit took place October 10-12, 2014. The 2015 Site Solutions Summit will be held in Amelia Island, October 9-11.

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