Hako-Med Release: Breakthrough Clinical Study Published For The Pain Treatment Of Osteoarthritis

HONOLULU, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- A new clinical study in Osteoarthritis using Hako-Med's patented Horizontal Therapy was one of three research papers on Horizontal Therapy published two weeks ago at the national annual congress of the Italian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Italy (http://www.simfer.it/). This latest clinical data demonstrates unprecedented long-term effects compared to any other treatment option for Osteoarthritis.

After approximately ten treatments, one hundred percent of the two hundred subjects in the study had completely discontinued all pain medications. Even without further Horizontal Therapy Treatments, follow-up at three, six months and one year demonstrated a significant percentage of subjects who had not reverted to using medications.

Horizontal Therapy, developed by Dr. Achim Hansjurgens, is a noninvasive treatment without any negative side effects. The positive therapeutic results that occur in up to ninety percent of all patients are immediate, significant, and cumulative.

Horizontal Therapy is currently available in the United States from a variety of physician specialties. Hako-Med possesses market clearance for pain as well as other indications.

Horizontal Therapy uses a specialized patented form of bioelectricity different from conventional Electromedicine which presents Horizontal Therapy as a viable alternative to potentially harmful pharmaceuticals in the treatment of pain.


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