Shineco Enters into a Letter of Intent with Meitong Technology to Address China’s Aging Population

Shineco Inc. announced that on June 18, 2024, it entered into an Investment Letter of Intent with Beijing Oriental Meitong Technology Co., Ltd. whereby Shineco intends to invest $20 million in Meitong Technology in exchange for 80% of Meitong Technology’s shares.

BEIJING, June 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shineco Inc. (“Shineco” or the “Company”; NASDA: SISI), a producer of innovative diagnostic medical products and related medical devices announced today that on June 18, 2024, it entered into an Investment Letter of Intent (the “Investment LOI”) with Beijing Oriental Meitong Technology Co., Ltd. (“Meitong Technology”) whereby Shineco intends to invest $20 million in Meitong Technology in exchange for 80% of Meitong Technology’s shares. The Company believes that the acquisition of equity in Meitong Technology will add to the Company’s core competencies and result in operating synergies that will enhance the Company’s value proposition.

Meitong Technology is a durable medical equipment company that specializes in providing a variety of shared products to hospitals, healthcare facilities and patients in their homes. Its intelligent management system enables it to coordinate the supply and demand of its shared medical products, including wheelchairs, hospital beds and power banks, all of which can be customized to its customer’s needs. Meitong Technology has business relationships with more than 800 hospitals in China across the country’s provinces and cities and has more than 10,000 equipment units put into use, serving more than 12 million patients. Meitong Technology has an annual cash flow of nearly RMB 600 million.

The acquisition of 80% of Meitong Technology’s equity is in line with Shineco’s long-term strategy to grow its cash flow, expand its business, and increase its corporate valuation. As part of its growth plan, Meitong Technology plans to enter the nursing, home medical and funeral equipment and medical supply rental market. In so doing, it intends to achieve a brand matrix competitive advantage with a more diversified product line that includes more products and services available for patients. At the same time, Meitong Technology expects to further consolidate its domestic market share and increase the number of Chinese hospital customers from 800 to 1,500 within three years. In addition, with the resources of Shineco, Meitong Technology expects to enhance the share of its sales in the international medical institutions market and increase the proportion of overseas sales by no less than 20% within three years.

As both Shineco and Meitong Technology possess a large amount of data on the needs of the elderly and physically challenged people, the two companies plan to jointly utilize such data for the purpose of the accurate market analysis and product development, providing one-stop solutions in the areas of medical devices, healthy meals, rehabilitation care, etc., so as to better satisfy the market demand and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction. Further, with Meitong Technology’s extensive domestic channel resources, Shineco will have the opportunity to accelerate its expansion of the domestic and international markets and increase the market penetration and market share of its products.

According to the Investment LOI, if certain benchmarks of net income growth for Meitong Technology for the three years from 2025 through 2027 and the requirement to register at least two new technology patents are met, the Company will grant to Meitong Technology’s management team a cash reward of up to 1% of the investment amount (up to $200,000).

Jennifer Zhan, CEO of Shineco, said, “We are pleased to make this strategic investment since we believe that as China’s elderly population continues to grow, there are excellent growth opportunities for established companies such as Meitong Technology, and we are keen to participate in such growth. Also, we believe that there will be synergies that will benefit both of our companies and facilitate the expansion of Shineco’s market share in several key markets. We look forward to working with Meitong Technology to see our value proposition become further realized in the market.”

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