Updated: BioSpace's List of December 2018 Life Sciences IPOs

December 2018 IPO Filings and Proceeds, Updated 12/28/18

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Date Company Name Amount (USD) Company HQ Research Focus
12/28/18 Stealth Biotherapeutics $86.3M Filed Newton, MA Novel therapies for diseases involving mitochondrial dysfunction
12/28/18 TCR2 Therapeutics $100M Filed Cambridge, MA Novel T-cell therapies using multi-format TRuC platform
12/27/18 Harpoon Therapeutics $86.3M Filed San Francisco, CA T cell engagers that harness the  immune system to treat cancer and other diseases
12/21/18 Gossamer Bio $264.5M Filed San Diego, CA Therapeutics in the disease areas of immunology, inflammation, and oncology
12/21/18 Hoverink Biotechnologies $40M Filed Los Angeles, CA Opioid alternatives for GI and oncological diseases
12/11/18 Cannabinoid Biosciences $50M Filed Los Angeles, CA Cannabinoid-based products for a wide range of diseases
12/7/18 DiaMedica $16.4M Priced Minneapolis, MN DM199, a recombinant human protein, for neurological and kidney diseases
12/7/18 Synthorx $131M Priced La Jolla, CA Designing and building protein therapeutics to treat cancer and autoimmune disorders
12/6/18 Moderna $604.3M Priced Cambridge, MA mRNA medicines used to eventually prevent, treat, or cure disease
12/6/18 Aptorum Group $30M Priced Hong Kong Preclinical pharmaceutical company across a wide range of disease areas












































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